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About the R.E. Whittaker Company

At Whittaker, we have discovered that the most effective, cost-efficient, and safest way to maintain incredible carpet appearance is with interim cleaning.  This is the typical scenario in a facility that uses no interim maintenance and hot water deep extraction quarterly:

Hot water extraction commercial carpt cleaning

Compare this to the result of implementing monthly interim maintenance with the Whittaker Smart Care® system:

Whittaker Smart Care Commercial Carpet Cleaners

By reducing hot water extraction to once per year with monthly Whittaker treatments, you can maintain your carpet appearance at less cost while extending the life of your carpet!

The goal of Interim Maintenance is to keep the carpet clean and maintain a consistent appearance level at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing safety. The primary focus is frequent low-moisture pile lifting and the removal of sticky residues that would otherwise hold soil on the carpet fibers and lead to over-cleaning.

The Whittaker Smart Care® system is the next-generation approach to effective Interim Maintenance and involves three simple steps:

  1. Apply Crystal Dry® cleaning solution to carpeting with either a manual sprayer or a machine-mounted electric applicator. Crystal Dry®cleaning solution is non-hazardous, contains no VOCs, and is approved for use on wool as well as stain-resistant carpet fibers.
  2.  Agitate Crystal Dry® cleaning solution immediately into the carpet fibers with the Whittaker Smart Care® machines. The Smart Care® TWIN machine is specifically designed to maneuver in smaller facilities with sensitive equipment or furniture. The new Smart Care®  TRIO provides 50% more brushing action to clean large square footage facilities 50% faster.  The Smart Care®  agitators carry the Crystal Dry® solution deep into the fibers, scrubbing each tuft in multiple directions while lifting and opening the pile at the same time.
  3. Vacuum in as little as 20 minutes or at the next vacuum cycle. Crystal Dry® cleaning solution will completely encapsulate sticky soils in clear polymer crystals that are brittle enough to be easily vacuumed away.
  4. Deep Extraction Cleaning. This level of cleaning should only be performed on an annual basis, except in special cases such as poor scheduling of interim maintenance, flooding, or otherwise extraordinary conditions.

Only pure water should be used unless other types of chemicals have been allowed to accumulate. In this case, we recommend the application of Crystal Extract® encapsulating prespray as a pre-spray prior to hot-water extraction. For best results, agitate the Crystal Extract® encapsulating prespray with either Whittaker Smart Care® machines to increase cleaning effectiveness by agitating and lifting/opening the pile.

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