Must-Have Accessories and Chemistry for Winter Carpet Care

If you have already prepared your facility’s carpets for winter, it’s time to get your Whittaker Smart Care® System ready. With our efficient, cost-effective cleaning solutions and durable brushes and spotting accessories, you and your staff will be ready to handle all the ravages of snow, rain, and salt that come with the season.

whittaker smart care side brush tool

Side Brush Tool for Smart Care® TWIN Machines

Available for the Smart Care® TWIN 15” and 20” models, the Side Brush Tool features a 3½” brush mounted on the end of an extra-long axle. This tool allows you to clean every inch of carpet up to the wall, effectively removing soils from hard-to-reach areas. It has the added benefit of scrubbing the bottom of the wall or baseboards, which can especially help improve facility appearance in narrow entryways or busy hallways.



In cold climates, shoes and boots can track in salt residue from treated walkways and parking lots. Our CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER breaks down the salt present in new or old stains on carpets and mats. All of our CRYSTAL® formulas are dye- and fragrance-free, and will leave no residue. 


CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ for Heavily Soiled Entryways

For high traffic areas with a large amount of soil, CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ is the ideal low-moisture solution when hot water extraction would be too time-intensive or disruptive to the facility’s operations. This product is highly effective at removing organic soils from carpets and dries quickly. CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ has also earned approvals from The Carpet and Rug Institute, Green Seal, and Woolsafe, so you can feel good about protecting your carpet while cleaning tough stains.


Depending on your climate and facility traffic, you may want to consider carpet drying fans or extended walk-off mats to prevent soils from getting tracked further inside the building. If you have any questions about our Smart Care® accessories or chemistry, we are here to help at 800.422.7686 and


Our Brand Commitment – Making sure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers, and installers intended.

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