Add the Whittaker Badge to Your Website!

Are you a proud Whittaker user?

Your clients want the cleanest carpets out there. You know that the Whittaker Smart Care® System is America's Leading Carpet Cleaning System™ for a reason. It cleans the best!

Show off your cleaning smarts by placing the Whittaker Badge on your website.  Let your customers know that they will receive top of the line carpet care when they work with you.


How can I add a Whittaker Badge to my website?

It's simple! Copy and paste the code below into any page you like. We recommend adding it to your "Benefits", "About Us" or homepage.  You can edit the size of your badge by changing the "125" values.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Whittaker Dry Carpet Cleaner" width="125" height="125"></a>



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