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Architects & Designers

As a commercial interior designer or architect, you know the benefits that carpet can have in the built environment. From creating comfortable spaces in healthcare facilities to reducing noise in office buildings, carpet is the right flooring choice for a wide variety of applications.

In order to protect your client’s investment and preserve the colors and styles of your design, defining proper carpet maintenance is essential. The Whittaker System meets the needs of designers, architects, owners, and contractors by providing an effective commercial carpet cleaning system that extends the life of carpet at the lowest possible cost. This involves maintaining a consistent level of carpet appearance over time, preventing the buildup of soil, dust, and sticky residue that can trap dirt in carpet fibers. These residues can make carpet appear visibly dirty and dull and also make color restoration difficult or impossible to accomplish.

In addition to improving facility aesthetics, clean carpets are an important part of healthy workplaces. Whittaker’s suite of state of the art chemistry solutions remove soils and stains all while conserving water. Our green formulations play a part in sustainable cleaning practices, even assisting in obtaining LEED Building Operations + Maintenance credits.

Specifying Whittaker for your building’s carpet cleaning is supported by third-party independent studies, certifications, and other industry approvals. The Whittaker System is approved, recommended or specified by leading carpet mills like Tandus/Tarkett, Ulster, Shaw Contract, and J+J Flooring Group.

Recommended Products


smart care trio 20 inch

Smart Care® 20" TRIO System


  • 20” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
  • Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
  • Extends the life of carpets 

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crystal dry extra carpet cleaner



  • Encapsulates soils for vacuum removal
  • Will not cause resoiling
  • Neutral pH, no VOCs

  Learn more about CRYSTAL® DRY EXTRA



Crystal Dry
Nothing should stand in the way of the beauty you create and select. CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry will never build up a sticky colored residue on carpet fibers.  Your color is safe with us.
Whittaker’s CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA is Green Seal™ Certified, Woolsafe™ and free of VOC’s, which helps in obtaining and retaining LEED-EB credits.
The Smart Care® system is approved, recommended or specified by all of the leading commercial carpet mills. Be secure in knowing your pride in the project will endure many years.
Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation means no re-soiling or re-appearing spots from over-wetting or sticky solvent-based chemicals. Your clients will always see your designs looking their best.