Before and After Carpet Cleaning Photo: Whittaker Delivers a Clean that Wows!

Before and After Carpet Cleaning Photo: Whittaker Delivers a Clean that Wows!

According to July 2021 survey data from Destination Analysts, a travel and tourism market research firm, 44% of Americans feel that now is a good time to spend money on leisure travel. Additionally, over half (52%) of American travelers took an overnight trip in the past three months. As more people become comfortable with travel, many will choose to stay at hospitality properties again. A major part of the guest experience is creating welcoming and clean environments that will impress travelers and encourage them to book a future trip at the hotel. Carpet plays a big role in the overall appearance of a property, as it is used for most of the flooring in areas like lobbies, guest rooms and event spaces.

So how can hotels secure a stunning “before and after” carpet cleaning transformation? And how can cleaning teams then uphold cleanliness even during busier times of the year? The solution is simple in addition to being environmentally friendly. Read on to learn more about encapsulation cleaning and how to implement it at your property.

The Lowdown on Low-moisture Cleaning

Low-moisture encapsulation cleaning is a process that uses specialized chemistry to maintain consistent appearance levels and extend the lifespan of carpet. This process can be used in any facility that has carpet and offers numerous advantages compared to other more labor intensive and high resource consumption carpet cleaning methods.

How does encapsulation work? The chemistry leverages crystalizing polymers combined with detergent components to emulsify dry and oily embedded soils within carpet fibers. These components bind with the soil, creating small, brittle particles after roughly a half hour. Thus, the carpet is dry after 30 minutes and the crystallized soils can be removed then or at the next scheduled vacuuming.

Many facilities like to use low-moisture encapsulation because it relies on much less water than more traditional approaches to carpet care. Plus, carpets stay cleaner longer with encapsulation. This is because the chemistry does not leave behind a sticky residue that can attract dirt. Thus, this can help extend the time between more time-consuming wet extractions.

Curious about how transformative low-moisture encapsulation can be? Carpet cleaning before and after pictures demonstrate clear results. For example, a nightclub using a Whittaker encapsulation system experienced a dramatic improvement. The photo highlights just how much build-up the carpet had prior to cleaning. After cleaning, it looks like new again.


Achieving Cleaner Carpet in Hotels

Consider the strategies below to help your hotel property maintain carpet:

  • Create a carpet cleaning schedule. Managers should create a schedule for carpet care so that employees regularly address key areas. Focus on high-traffic areas like lobbies, dining areas and casinos. Cleaning professionals will need to perform encapsulation in these spaces more frequently. Guest rooms and specialty areas like business centers and event rooms can likely go longer between cleanings. However, make sure to address event spaces immediately after an event concludes to ensure the removal of any spills or stains.
  • Train employees how to use carpet cleaning systems. To achieve impressive results, you need to make sure that your cleaning teams understand how to perform carpet care properly. Conduct training so they understand which chemistries they should use in different situations, such as daily spot cleaning vs. interim cleaning. Allow employees to practice with equipment so they feel comfortable maneuvering and operating it before using it in guest-facing areas.
  • Address stains as they occur. Spills happen, especially in areas where food and beverages are being served. Whether you have a café in your lobby or a full-service restaurant, be sure to check these areas regularly so you can address spills as quickly as possible. Many people also opt for room service during their stay, meaning that stains will make their way into guest rooms as well. Have a full lineup of chemistries on hand to adequately tackle numerous types of stains.

Wowing Guests during Every Stay

Flooring is one of the first things that guests notice upon entering a property. According to a survey by The Harris Poll, 93% of Americans say dirty carpet in a facility would negatively impact their perception of that business. Hotels do not always have a second chance to impress guests, so managers and owners need to consider the major impact that cleanliness has on travelers’ perceptions of their business.

Low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is an ideal approach for hotels that are concerned about appearance, sustainability and efficiency. By consistently using these systems, cleaning professionals can more easily remove stains and soils. Doing so will project cleanliness from the ground up and will also help prolong the lifespan of carpet that hotels carefully choose to fit their aesthetic.

Maintain clean carpet in your hotel with Whittaker’s Smart Care® TWIN and TRIO machines and CRYSTAL® chemistry. Contact our team at 800.422.7686 or to learn more about the advantages of low-moisture encapsulation.

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