Whittaker CRYSTAL® Chemistry Receives CleanSeal® Certification

Whittaker is proud to announce that nine CRYSTAL® Chemistry carpet cleaning formulas are now CleanSeal® certified. CleanSeal® is an accreditation program operated by The WoolSafe® Organization that examines maintenance products designed for carpets, rugs, and interior textiles that are made of synthetic fibers.

  • Industry-standard performance for the purpose for which they are intended
  • No adverse effect on re-soiling
  • No adverse effect on the color of the fibers
  • Within safe pH limits
  • Clear, unambiguous application instructions
  • Free of hazards and other safety-related issues.


The following Whittaker products have received CleanSeal® certification:

The CleanSeal® certification represents an independent confirmation of Whittaker’s safety and cleaning performance for carpets and rugs. Learn more about our CRYSTAL® Chemistry line here and our complete Smart Care® Systems here.

With over 30 years of experience and the pioneers of the first commercial encapsulation carpet cleaning system, Whittaker has the expertise required to help customers maintain a consistently cleaner carpet. For more information contact us at 800.422.7686 or [email protected]whittakersystem.com.

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