Creating An Inviting Event Space Design With Carpet

From conferences and business meetings to charity functions and weddings, hotels host a range of events. Renting out these spaces can be lucrative for a property, so they must look their best at all times. From advanced audiovisual equipment to elegant furnishings to pristine carpet, every aspect of the event space plays a part in creating a welcoming environment and helping the hotel secure additional business.

Many hotels make a point of selecting fun carpet designs, and this holds true for event space interior design as well. While this colorful and creative carpet is meant to impress guests, it can turn potential customers away if it is littered with stains and shows signs of wear. Removing and replacing carpet in event spaces can be a challenge, especially for properties that host many events throughout the year. For these reasons, hotels must choose carpet that enhances an event space and keep up on interim cleaning of these areas.

Maintaining your Property’s Carpet

To keep your carpet in great shape for any occasion, consider the following best practices:

  • Select a low-moisture encapsulation system.

Low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning systems are often preferred, as they help achieve consistent carpet cleanliness through regular use. This is because the carpet care machine’s brushes lift the pile and agitate the cleaning agent into the fibers. Embedded soils at the base of carpet fibers are pulled out and spots and dirt at the carpet’s surface are also cleaned away. Because the cleaning agent encapsulates soils into a clear polymer, there are no sticky residues remaining on carpet like with other cleaning methods. The polymers are removed through simple vacuuming and carpet is dry within about 30 minutes, as the low-moisture process relies on much less water.

Ensure the machine has features that improve cleaning results, efficiency and ergonomics. These include two or three rotating brushes, an integrated collection hopper for debris pick-up, a machine-mounted solution tank and lite-touch control. Some machines require cleaners to carry the solution tanks separately, which can hinder productivity and also wear on an employee over time.

  • Find a range of chemistry for every step in the maintenance process.

Events see a lot of foot traffic and this can inevitably result in spills and stains on carpet. To keep spots from permanently setting, keep a trusted line of chemistry on hand to tackle even the toughest stains. You’ll want to have a variety of options in your cleaning cart, from red food and beverage stain fighters to products that can remove salt stains and even oil and grease. You will also want to have a reliable daily cleaner in your supply closet to use for carpet that appears clean but may be holding hidden soils. If your property has installed wool carpet, ensure that the products are certified to be used on this material to avoid issues like color bleeding that can drastically impact the appearance of carpet.

  • Train staff to properly use and maintain the system.

It’s important to make housekeeping staff comfortable with any new system. Set aside time to educate employees so that they know which chemistry to use for spot removal, interim maintenance and deep cleaning. Hands-on training also ensures that staff understands how to operate the machine and gets to practice with it. Remember to demonstrate how to maintain the machine, such as rotating brushes, flushing the pump and spray nozzle and clearing the collection tray after each use. Taking these extra steps at the end of cleaning ensure the machine is ready to go for the next employee and keeps the equipment in good working order.

  • Develop a carpet cleaning schedule.

Once you’ve selected your carpet cleaning machine and chemistry, it’s time to develop a schedule for housekeeping staff to follow. Encourage employees to conduct daily checks for spots and stains so that they can address them as soon as possible. Then, set up a recurring calendar for interim maintenance so that employees know when and where to clean during their shifts. Adhering to this schedule will help properties prolong the time between deep cleaning and give carpet a much longer life, which is better for the environment and the bottom line.

Your Invitation to Success

Hotel guests who pay to rent meeting and event spaces at a property expect it to be clean and inviting. As many hotels put a lot of thought into the carpet they select for these areas when considering event space design, it’s important to keep the flooring well maintained over time. Doing so also helps avoid the dreaded process of replacing carpet. Having the right carpet cleaning system in place and using it regularly is the key to keeping spots and stains from negatively impacting a guest’s experience and the hotel’s reputation.  

Hotels across the United States rely on Whittaker’s Smart Care® TWIN and TRIO machines and CRYSTAL® Chemistry to maintain their carpet. To learn more about how we can help your property improve carpet care, visit, or contact us at 800.422.7686 or [email protected]

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