The Carpet And Rug Institute’s Bronze Seal Of Approval For Superior Deep Cleaning Systems

New Castle, PA – April 30, 2014 – R.E. Whittaker Co. has earned the Carpet & Rug Institute’s (CRI) Bronze Seal of Approval for its deep cleaning system – Smart Care® TWIN System, signifying that it meets the highest standards for carpet cleaning effectiveness.

The CRI Seal of Approval for Deep Cleaning Systems evaluates the effectiveness of the overall deep cleaning process and includes testing of equipment and solutions used in combination. The program addresses those processes that incorporate a specific machine to be used with a specific cleaning agent following the manufacturer’s recommended procedure. This latest product category joins CRI’s successful Seal of Approval testing programs already in place for deep cleaning extractors, spot removers and pre-spray/in-tank solutions.

“We could not be more pleased that the carpet industry is distinguishing truly effective cleaning systems from those that do not perform well or even damage carpet fibers,” said Joe Bshero. “Our focus is on satisfying our customers. And the Bronze Seal of Approval is proof that our product delivers.”

The deep cleaning system qualified for the Seal of Approval by passing eight rigorous tests at an independent laboratory, including soil removal efficacy, propensity for resoiling, appearance retention, recovery of residual moisture, surface change after repeated cleaning, colorfastness, amount of pH and zero presence of optical brighteners.

Deep cleaning systems that exceed average soil removal standards receive a bronze rating. Those achieving higher standards receive a silver rating, and those achieving the highest level of soil removal are awarded the gold-level Seal of Approval.

The testing protocol for cleaning systems uses sophisticated x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology to measure the precise amount of soil removed from a carpet sample. XRF was developed by private industry and enhanced by NASA for the Space Shuttle program.

“While proper carpet care requires periodic deep cleaning to remove built up residues and trapped soil, professional laboratory testing has shown vast differences in the soil removal capability of cleaning systems. And they can leave a sticky residue that attracts soil faster,” said Werner Braun, CRI president. “The Seal of Approval program addresses the issue of carpet cleaning effectiveness by testing and certifying only those products that meet high performance standards. This not only helps customers recognize quality products, it also helps them understand the best methods for preserving the life and beauty of their carpet.”

“Effective carpet cleaning is essential to keeping a carpet looking good,” added Bshero. “This saves money on premature replacement and allows people to enjoy the many benefits of carpet.”

Underscoring the value that carpet manufacturers place on quality cleaning products, some of the largest manufacturers have announced they will require the use of CRI Seal of Approval-certified cleaning products as part of future carpet warranties.

About the Smart Care® TWIN System/ R.E. Whittaker Co.:

R.E. Whittaker Company manufactures solutions for long-term carpet maintenance. The equipment and Crystal® family of chemistries form a system that has been globally proven over the past 25 years as an effective means to extend the life of a carpet investment through low moisture carpet cleaning.

Whittaker has taken a leadership role in the field of low-moisture carpet cleaning methods, and it began in the 1980’s with the innovation of Crystal Dry® encapsulation cleaning technology. Founder, Dick Whittaker, pioneered the use of this technology as a more effective, safe, and environmentally sustainable option to traditional cleaning methods.

Whittaker’s cleaning machine and chemical innovations have led to several patents and revolutionary techniques in the maintenance of carpet and hard surface floors.  The company is leading the industry with their development of an objective appearance measurement system that can be used to determine cleaning frequencies and objectively evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning programs on-site.

About The Carpet and Rug Institute

The CRI is the leading industry source for science-based information and insight on how carpet and rugs create a better environment – for living, working, learning and healing. The Institute’s mission is to serve the carpet industry and public by providing facts that help people make informed choices. Its best practices promote a balance between social, economic and environmental responsibility for the long term. CRI does this for its industry, yet it strives to be a model corporate citizen for all industries. Learn more at

With over 30 years of experience and the pioneers of the first commercial encapsulation carpet cleaning system, Whittaker has the expertise required to help customers maintain a consistently cleaner carpet. For more information contact us at 800.422.7686 or [email protected]

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