Why Our Carpet Cleaning Chemistry Is Fragrance-Free

When you use Whittaker’s CRYSTAL® Chemistry, you can be sure that you have chosen carpet cleaning products that are good for the carpet and beneficial to your building’s occupants. We have worked hard to design our CRYSTAL® Chemistry line to be gentle on cleaning staff and those who pass over the carpet. Several of our formulations have received a Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug InstituteGreen Seal Certification, or WoolSafe approval. This commitment to safe, quality carpet cleaning products means that we do not add dyes or fragrances to any of our chemistries.

Respiratory Problems and Irritants

Fragrances can act as irritants to people with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies. Irritants can make it uncomfortable for employees to work, causing sneezes, coughs, headaches, itchy eyes, and runny noses. These reactions can lead to time off work, lost productivity, and in the worst-case scenarios, even lawsuits.    

We want to protect business owners and building occupants from irritants, allergens, and allergic reactions, and have therefore created our carpet cleaners without added fragrances. 

Green Seal Certified Chemistry

Our low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning chemistries are Green Seal certified. Green Seal develops standards for environmentally responsible products and services, and certification shows that a product meets rigorous performance, health, and environmental criteria. 

CRYSTAL® Chemistry falls under Green Seal’s “Cleaning Products for Industrial and Institutional Use” category, which considers the use of these products in institutions with vulnerable populations such as schools, daycares, and long term care facilities. A few of the standards for this category include:

  • No asthmagens (substances that cause or make asthma worse)
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • No ingredients with chronic inhalation toxicity

You can view the full GS-37 standards here

As a building owner or facility manager, the Green Seal Certification on products used to clean your indoor environment can be a sign of due diligence should a building occupant file a lawsuit for an allergic reaction. Green Seal also shows your commitment to the environment and the health and well-being of facilities with children, elderly people, medical patients, or other sensitive groups.

Our Brand Commitment – 

Making sure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers, and installers intended.

With over 30 years of experience and the pioneers of the first commercial encapsulation carpet cleaning system, Whittaker has the expertise required to help customers maintain a consistently cleaner carpet. For more information contact us at 800.422.7686 or [email protected]whittakersystem.com.

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