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Protect Your Investment: The Benefits of Proper Carpet Care
Protect Your Investment: The Benefits of Proper Carpet Care

With the proper carpet care procedures in place, universities and colleges can prolong carpet lifespan and prevent it from ending up in landfills prematurely. 

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Best Practices
Restorative Carpet Cleaning Best Practices

To remove embedded soil and dry substances, and improve the overall appearance of carpet, facilities should rely on restorative carpet cleaning. Facility managers should understand best practices as well as essential equipment that facilitates restorative carpet cleaning.

The Importance of Interim Carpet Maintenance
The Importance of Interim Carpet Maintenance

Interim carpet maintenance releases embedded dry and oily soil to keep carpet looking new. It’s an ideal cleaning method because it does not harm carpet fibers or leave sticky residues that accelerate re-soiling.

Hidden Costs to Consider in Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Hidden Costs to Consider in Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Facility managers have many choices to make when it comes to carpet maintenance, including the systems and types of products used, frequency, and time of day. To get a complete picture of expenditures and effectively stay within budget, it is important to consider the hidden costs of carpet cleaning...

Infographic: Benefits of Interim Maintenance

Interim maintenance is a valuable addition to commercial carpet cleaning programs. See all of the benefits of low moisture encapsulation cleaning with the Whittaker Smart Care® System in the infographic below.


interim maintenance carpet cleaning infographic


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Cleaning Practices to Care for Wool Carpeting

While synthetic fibers make up the vast majority of the carpet market today, there is still certainly a niche for natural fibers. Among those natural fiber carpets, wool is by far the most common. Wool is resilient and durable, and with proper care can last decades.


Wool Carpeting Characteristic...

Color Theory in Commercial Interiors: Protect Your Design

When customers or clients walk into your facility, the colors they see immediately affect their first impression of your company and how they feel about you. Spatially, colors can help to guide people through space. Patterned carpets with runners or rugs over tile can show people where they are expe...

Make the Most of Interim Maintenance: Low Moisture Appearance Cleaning

Aside from vacuuming, interim maintenance is the most important step in preserving your facility’s carpet appearance. The addition of monthly interim maintenance cleanings can reduce hot water extraction to an annual basis and keep carpets looking consistently clean.

At Whittaker, we have found low...

Designing a Carpet Maintenance Program

A well-designed carpet maintenance program will protect a facility’s investment in the flooring, by both keeping the carpet appearance satisfactory and extending the life of the carpet. Whether you are a facility manager or a building service contractor, there are several important points to keep in...

Encapsulation Cleaning Frequency

Here at Whittaker, we believe that your carpets should be properly cared for in order to save your organization money and to ensure that they always look their best.  

While it is extremely important to follow a regular vacuuming and soil prevention routine, it is equally as important to follow a c...