Cleaning Practices to Care for Wool Carpeting

While synthetic fibers make up the vast majority of the carpet market today, there is still certainly a niche for natural fibers. Among those natural fiber carpets, wool is by far the most common. Wool is resilient and durable, and with proper care can last decades.


Wool Carpeting Characteristic...

Color Theory in Commercial Interiors: Protect Your Design

When customers or clients walk into your facility, the colors they see immediately affect their first impression of your company and how they feel about you. Spatially, colors can help to guide people through space. Patterned carpets with runners or rugs over tile can show people where they are expe...

Why We Use Whittaker: Stephen Marinucci of Permont Corporation

Stephen Marinucci has years of experience in the cleaning industry, and has worked with Whittaker Systems in multiple capacities. We talked with Stephen about his experiences using Whittaker in a management company and as a business owner, and the advantages of the low moisture encapsulation system ...

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Why Choose Encapsulation Technology

Whether you manage one facility or are responsible for cleaning carpets in multiple buildings with very heavy traffic, some cleaning processes and chemicals can be harsh on carpet fibers and require long down times to dry. Whittaker’s encapsulation technology is an ideal solution for even your most ...

PHOTOS: Where in the World is Whittaker?

At Whittaker, we are proud to work with clients all over the country in a wide variety of facilities. Here are a few snapshots of Whittaker machines throughout the United States (plus one bonus international location!).

Mandarin Oriental, Miami – Miami, FL

National Aquarium – Baltimore, MD

whittaker trio national aquarium md


Purchasing Trends of Large Cleaning Contractors

Several purchasing trends are influencing and shaping the business practices and buying habits of building service contractors. 

An article published by CleanLink points out these key conditions, which are shaping the way large cleaning companies operate. Each of these needs is met by Whittaker’s S...

Carpet Cleaning Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Historically, carpet is cleaned when it appears soiled. If soiling is allowed to accumulate, the original appearance of the carpet will be difficult if not impossible to restore due to irreversible fiber damage. To prevent this situation from occurring, regularly scheduled cleaning should be perform...

Independent, Third-party Study Proves Whittaker Smart Care® TRIO Increases Productivity

March 9, 2017, New Castle, PA — An independent, third party Time and Motion Study, performed by the American Institute for Cleaning Sciences, has concluded that the Whittaker Smart Care® Cleaning System increases productivity over traditional interim carpet cleaning methods. 


The study concluded...

Make the Most of Interim Maintenance: Low Moisture Appearance Cleaning

Aside from vacuuming, interim maintenance is the most important step in preserving your facility’s carpet appearance. The addition of monthly interim maintenance cleanings can reduce hot water extraction to an annual basis and keep carpets looking consistently clean.

At Whittaker, we have found low...

It's Easy to Order More CRYSTAL® Chemistry

With the launch of the new Whittaker website, it is now easier than ever to reorder your CRYSTAL® Chemistry supplies. Keep reading to learn about the multiple ways you can shop on

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