Maintenance & Storage of Whittaker Smart Care® Machines: TWIN

Congratulations on your purchase of a Whittaker Smart Care® System carpet cleaning machine! We are so glad you have chosen us to help keep your carpets clean and improve their longevity.

Your Whittaker machine will be with you for many years. Proper maintenance and storage, including emptying and c...

Why We Use Whittaker: The Coverall North America, Inc. Carpet Story

whittaker testimonial coverall


What types of benefits does Whittaker offer to Franchised Businesses? We talked to Mark Searcy, Divisional Business Development Manager for Coverall North America, Inc., to find out how Whittaker helps business owners make the most of their time and investments in their carpet cleaning business...

Smart Care® System Saves Water

whittaker water conservation


Take the Concern Out of Water Conservation

Let's face it. Water conservation is putting new challenges on carpet cleaning. Most facilities still use hot water extraction systems to clean carpets resulting in high water demand. But Whittaker has a solution: the Smart Care® System.

Using low-mo...

Why We Use Whittaker: The Sunshine Cleaning Systems, Inc. Carpet Story

whittaker testimonial sunshine cleaning

Whittaker Systems are in use in all sorts of locations throughout the country. We talked to Randy Kierce, Chief Operating Officer of Sunshine Cleaning Systems, Inc., and discovered how Whittaker is beneficial for cleaning carpet in airports and college campuses throughout the southeastern U.S.


Why We Use Whittaker: The Executive Management Services, Inc. Carpet Story

whittaker testimonial ems inc.


Executive Management Services, Inc. is a facility services corporation headquartered in Indiana, with branch offices all over the country from Massachusetts to Idaho. We talked to Steve Lowder, a Regional Manager based in Tempe, AZ. EMS provides cleaning services to many types of commercial pro...

Why We Use Whittaker: The Coverall of Cleveland Carpet Story

whittaker testimonial coverall


Coverall of Cleveland has been around since 1986, serving its franchisees in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, and the surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio. The office offers support to local independently owned and operated franchised businesses. We sat down with Mark Rager, the Regional Business D...

Why We Use Whittaker: The Holland Inc. Carpet Story

Holland, Inc. Building Services is a fourth generation family-owned company. They have been in business for 85 years, and are now the largest building service contractor in Northwest Ohio, servicing 10 million square feet of building space daily. Productivity and efficiency are essential for Holla...

Add the Whittaker Badge to Your Website!

Are you a proud Whittaker user?

Your clients want the cleanest carpets out there. You know that the Whittaker Smart Care® System is America's Leading Carpet Cleaning System™ for a reason. It cleans the best!

Show off your cleaning smarts by placing the Whittaker Badge on your website.  Let your ...

Why We Use Whittaker: The Chumash Casino Resort Carpet Story

whittaker testimonial chumash casino


For nearly 10 years, Chumash Casino Resort has been a loyal customer to Whittaker’s Smart Care® carpet cleaning systems. Utilizing Whittaker’s interim dry extraction cleaning processes into the casino’s daily cleaning routines, Chumash relies on quick cleaning time and quality results to get th...

Why We Use Whittaker: Cary Valencia of Harrison Industries


Traditionally used in many large-scale buildings by commercial cleaning companies, The Whittaker Smart Care® Cleaning System is not just used by and for corporate clients. Our dry extraction cleaning system can be used efficiently and affordably for small to mid scale cleaning, too. From privat...