Building Services Contractors

Whittaker delivers benefits with
every square foot you clean.

Efficient Carpet Cleaning for Building Service Contractors

As a building service contractor, your profits depend on your ability to provide outstanding carpet cleaning services at the lowest possible cost per square foot. The Whittaker system increases profitability by cleaning more square feet of carpet per hour, decreasing training and downtime, and eliminating costly and reputation damaging call-backs.

Try our Smart Care® Workloading Calculator to determine labor costs for each of Whittaker’s systems and sprayer options. Compare these costs with other carpet cleaning methods and make informed purchasing decisions for machines and chemistry.

Our low-moisture encapsulation means no re-soiling or returning spots from over-wetting, while also minimizing water usage. Your customers can walk on carpets cleaned with Smart Care® CRYSTAL DRY® within minutes, not hours, eliminating long dry times.

Learning to use a Whittaker commercial carpet cleaning machine is simple as well: anyone who can vacuum can operate the Smart Care® system. It increases efficiency with high production rates of 2,500-10,000 square feet per hour, allowing you to serve more customers each day. The Smart Care® system adds profitable “tag work” to daily cleaning contracts such as spot cleaning, which can further increase profits.

Your customers will appreciate Whittaker’s commitment to green cleaning technology. Our Smart Care® TWINs are Carpet and Rug Institute approved for deep cleaning and interim cleaning on both loop and cut pile carpets. Our CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry is both Green Seal and Woolsafe certified to protect the built environment and promote healthy buildings.

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Recommended Products

Smart Care® 20" TRIO System


  • 20” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
  • Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
  • Cleaning Rate: Up to 16,215 sq. ft./hr 

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  • Removes tough organic spots 
  • Can be used as a low moisture pre-spray
    for extraction

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Green Carpet Cleaning
Smart Care® Crystal Dry chemistry can be walked on immediately after application with no fear of re-soiling. Whittaker doesn’t inconvenience your guests.
The Smart Care® Crystal Dry chemistry uses green formulations with no VOCs and is safe for all guest.
The Whittaker Smart Care® system adds profitable “tag work” to daily cleaning contracts, which can further increase profitability.
The Whittaker Smart Care® system increases efficiency with high production rates of 2,500-10,000 square feet per hour. This translates to more customers served each day, which adds dollars to your bottom line.