Carpet Cleaning at Educational Facilities

Whittaker delivers benefits with
every square foot you clean.

Educational facilities have many high-traffic carpeted areas. In many colleges and universities, the facilities are in use at all hours of the day throughout the entire year. Schools need a carpet cleaning system that is cost effective, provides outstanding results, and allows for non-disruptive daytime cleaning.

Whittaker is the perfect solution for the needs of educational facility cleaning. The Smart Care® System helps carpets last longer and look cleaner, all at a fraction of the cost. Our low-moisture encapsulation extends the life of your carpet, allowing you to replace carpet less frequently and save money in the long term.

There’s no need to reschedule classes or close sections of the school for cleaning. The quiet operation of the Smart Care® System makes morning and daytime cleaning possible. Our CRYSTAL DRY® chemistry can be walked on within minutes, not hours, with no fear of re-soiling. In addition, our chemistry is Green Seal certified with no VOCs, keeping your carpets safe for children, students, and faculty.

Whether your facility consists of a single school or multiple buildings spread throughout a campus, Whittaker will help your carpets look their best. Contact us today to discover the difference Whittaker can make at your facility! 

Recommended Products

Smart Care® 15" TRIO System


  • 15” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
  • Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
  • Cleaning Rate: Up to 11,670 sq. ft./hr 

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  • Use for heavily soiled carpet
  • Can be used as a low moisture pre-spray
    for extraction

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The quiet operation of the Smart Care® System makes morning and daytime cleaning possible, and is effective for 24/7 operations. No need to reschedule classes or close classrooms.
The Smart Care® System is the most cost-efficient carpet cleaning system on the market and saves you money with every square foot cleaned.
Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation means no re-soiling or returning spots from over-wetting. Classroom carpets and hallways will always look their best.
Smart Care® Crystal Dry ® chemistry can be walked on immediately after application with no fear of re-soiling. Whittaker doesn’t inconvenience lecture halls or classrooms.