Carpet Cleaning Solutions for High Traffic Areas

Historically, carpet is cleaned when it appears soiled. If soiling is allowed to accumulate, the original appearance of the carpet will be difficult if not impossible to restore due to irreversible fiber damage. To prevent this situation from occurring, regularly scheduled cleaning should be performed. Research shows that a proper frequency of cleaning will extend the useful life of a carpet. With the Whittaker Smart Care® system this regularly scheduled cleaning frequency can be accomplished effectively, quickly and economically. This is also effective after a badly soiled carpet has been restored.

Please reference the diagram and recommended frequencies below. Some areas of the carpet are subjected to heavier foot traffic than others. Those responsible for carpet maintenance should determine and note which areas in their facility are high traffic, medium traffic and low traffic. An appropriate cleaning frequency can then be scheduled. The high traffic areas require the most attention and resources while the low traffic areas maintain their aesthetic appearance longer, thus requiring less attention and resources. In this manner, the carpet will be cleaned no less or no more than is necessary, preserving resources and making sure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers and installers intended. 

 high traffic carpet cleaning whittaker system

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