Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Why Choose Encapsulation Technology

Whether you manage one facility or are responsible for cleaning carpets in multiple buildings with very heavy traffic, some cleaning processes and chemicals can be harsh on carpet fibers and require long down times to dry. Whittaker’s encapsulation technology is an ideal solution for even your most difficult areas to clean, due to the effective carpet cleaning chemistry and low moisture approach to carpet cleaning.


Remove Difficult Stains

For tough to remove spots and stains in offices, healthcare facilities, and other areas, the CRYSTAL® Chemistry Daily Spotting Solutions are powerful and easy to use. From the all-around CRYSTAL SPOTTER® spotting agent to specific formulations like CRYSTAL® OIL & GREASE, these solutions tackle discoloration and odors from oil, grease, wax, rust, blood, and other difficult stains.

If your carpets have not been cleaned properly or are heavily soiled, Whittaker's Deep Cleaning Chemistry can restore carpet that others may recommend simply replacing.


Reduce Facility Downtime

During encapsulation carpet cleaning, only a small amount of water is required during the application of the cleaning solution. The solution then dries, encapsulating soils trapped in the carpet fibers and making it easy to vacuum away. Low dry times of around 30 minutes eliminate facility disruption and the potential for carpet damage associated with over-wetting.


Help Heavily Trafficked Carpet Last Longer

Interim maintenance, one of the most important steps in Whittaker's 4 step comprehensive carpet maintenance program, is the safest and most cost efficient way to improve carpet appearance and help carpets last longer. Low-moisture encapsulation is the preferred method since it effectively combines mill recommended pile-lifting and interim cleaning into a single step, saving time and labor costs. The two- or three-brush Smart Care® Machines all perform both applications, reducing the need for a separate machines.

Properly scheduled interim maintenance will help carpets look cleaner while reducing the frequency of deep cleaning applications such as hot water extraction. Each facility is different, but heavily trafficked areas may require interim encapsulation cleanings more often; however, this increased investment will pay off in the long term by extending the life cycle of your carpet.

Whittaker’s Smart Care® System of low moisture encapsulation technology is equipped to handle your commercial carpet cleaning challenges in all types of facilities. Call 800.422.7686 or email us at if you have any questions about these systems.

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