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This five-gallon version of our CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA cleaning agent combines unique crystallizing polymers with effective detergent components, creating a perfect blend to emulsify embedded soils (both dry and oily) and encapsulate them for vacuum recovery. Use along with Whittaker’s TWIN or TRIO carpet agitator, which uses counter-rotating brushes to capture all embedded and surface soils. The chemistry will dry within 30 minutes.

CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA will not cause re-soiling and will extend time between wet extractions to annually or longer in most situations. This carpet cleaning chemical has a neutral pH, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is non-butyl.  

Use CRYSTAL DRY® Extra for consistent cleaning as well as cost savings through waste elimination. CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA has received Green Seal Certification, WoolSafe Approval and the CRI Seal of Approval.

Use on: Light or moderately soiled carpets between extractions

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