CQR-11-5 is sold in a high density polyethylene keg with a vented cap, due to its Oxy content. The vented cap must be replaced after each use.
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CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ combines the encapsulating benefits of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA with the power of stabilized hydrogen peroxide to break up and remove tough organic spots from carpeting. Used as a low moisture pre-spray and agitated in with Whittaker’s unique cylindrical brush machines, CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ makes quick work of cleaning organic soils in cafeterias, food service areas, dormitories, senior living facilities and more - all with the 30 minute dry times you’ve come to expect from Whittaker’s CRYSTAL family of products. CRYSTAL®QUICK RESTORE™ is designed for those times when hot water extraction isn’t an option due to its disruption and cost. Add one 12 ounce bottle of CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE™ to two gallons of water. As with all CRYSTAL® products, no dyes or fragrances are added.

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