Enter the “Whittaker Wow” Carpet Cleaning Contest

Enter the “Whittaker Wow” Carpet Cleaning Contest

Are you a carpet stain removal warrior? Do you and your team keep the carpet in your facility or your customers‘ facilities looking its best every day? Do you want to experience how Whittaker’s chemistry can make a difference in the appearance of your carpet?

If any of the above resonates with you, then the Whittaker Wow Contest is a prime opportunity to demonstrate your carpet care skills. More importantly, you have the chance to win one of our Crystal® Spotting Kits!

Stain Removal Made Easy

The comprehensive Crystal Spotting Kit features essential carpet care tools and products from our signature CRYSTAL® chemistry line in a polyester holder, including:

  • Crystal Spotter® - A ready-to-use spotting agent that has received the Seal of Approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute.
  • Crystal Red Stain® Plus – A spotting agent that is best for eradicating coffee or red food-dye stains.
  • Crystal® Odor & Protein – A specially formulated solution for addressing urine and vomit. It not only removes stains but also eliminates the unpleasant odors associated with them.
  • Crystal® Oil & Grease – A water-based formula that can take care of paints, oil-based stains, machine oils, greases, label residue and adhesives.
  • Crystal Spot Tool™ - A patented tool that uses chamfered openings instead of bristles and is well-suited for wool, cut pile and plush carpet. 
  • Hand Brush and two absorbent cotton towels

These tools and chemistry are vital to daily spotting and stain removal. Whether you are dealing with juice, coffee, paint, or organic stains like vomit, you and your team will be prepared to clean all types of stains to keep carpet looking like new.

How to Enter

The rules are simple: show us your “Whittaker Wow” results! We want to see how our products have impacted the carpet that you care for every day. Submit photos of your carpet before and after applying Whittaker’s chemistry to enter, or simply an after photo so we can see your beautiful carpet.  

If you have not used our chemistry before, don’t worry. There’s still an opportunity for you to participate. Share a picture of carpet you would like to maintain with our products, and you will still have a chance to win a free kit and discover how our CRYSTAL® chemistry transforms carpet care.

Whether your team is responsible for carpet in long-term care environments, schools or universities, office buildings, hotels, airports or any other kind of facility, we want to see your entry! Include any details about the stains you are frequently tackling, your favorite Whittaker products or any other information you want to share.

We are accepting submissions via the following channels:

  • Enter via Twitter by posting your photo and tagging @WhittakerSystem
  • Enter via Facebook by posting your photo and tagging @WhittakerCo
  • Enter via LinkedIn by posting your photo and tagging @Whittaker Co.
  • Send an email to with your picture included. We’ll reshare it on social media and you’ll receive an entry into the contest.

There’s nothing our team is more passionate about than clean carpet and our customers, which is why we are excited to see your entries and let you experience the Whittaker Wow!

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