Designing a Carpet Maintenance Program

A well-designed carpet maintenance program will protect a facility’s investment in the flooring, by both keeping the carpet appearance satisfactory and extending the life of the carpet. Whether you are a facility manager or a building service contractor, there are several important points to keep in mind when creating your maintenance program.


Most importantly, these programs must include preventative, daily, and interim maintenance, with annual deep extraction cleaning. Maintenance programs should not revolve around solely cleaning the carpet when it appears visibly soiled. Read more details about The Whittaker Comprehensive "Planned" Approach here. Below, we’ll share more tips that are applicable to all manager or contractors planning a carpet maintenance program.


Be Specific When Writing Contracts

It is essential that all employees and contractors are on the same page about exactly what tasks should be performed and at what frequency. Vague contract language such as “spot cleaning as needed” can lead to miscommunication and unmet expectations. Make sure you are clear on how much time each task will take due to the amount of traffic it receives, size, and the type of carpet, and allocate time and labor appropriately.


Consider Scheduling Constraints

In most facilities, carpet cleaning will need to work around the building’s occupants. Especially in healthcare and education facilities, concerns about patient and student comfort should be taken into consideration when planning vacuuming and extraction. Noise concerns can also apply to office buildings where employees may be talking on the phone or having meetings.


Include Time and Budget for Interim Cleaning

Spot cleaning and hot water extraction are useful and important parts of carpet maintenance, but should always be supplemented with interim cleaning. Random areas treated with spot cleaner can lead to uneven carpet appearance, and soils left in the fibers for too long can damage carpet. Increasing the cleaning budget to include interim maintenance, such as encapsulation cleaning with our Smart Care® systems, will keep carpets looking clean and even while helping the carpet last longer.


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