Make the Most of Interim Maintenance: Low Moisture Appearance Cleaning

Aside from vacuuming, interim maintenance is the most important step in preserving your facility’s carpet appearance. The addition of monthly interim maintenance cleanings can reduce hot water extraction to an annual basis and keep carpets looking consistently clean.

At Whittaker, we have found low moisture cleaning with encapsulation technology to be the most effective method of interim maintenance. Learn how to use our CRYSTAL DRY® and CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE solutions to clean lightly, moderately, and heavily soiled areas for optimal low moisture interim cleaning.


Interim Cleaning for Lightly Soiled Carpet

Mix Whittaker’s CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA according to bottle instructions in a Smart Care® TWIN or TRIO machine’s solution tank. Spray solution on forward pass. No dwell time is needed. Smart Care® machines are designed to simultaneously lift and open the pile, ensuring that all sticky residues are encapsulated and won’t remain in the carpet fibers and cause re-soiling. 

One forward pass is all that is required for lightly soiled carpets. Allow the carpet to dry, then vacuum as scheduled.


Interim Cleaning for Moderately Soiled Carpet

For higher traffic areas, hallways, or carpet with more visible dirt, CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA will still do the trick. Mix as usual, but operate the Smart Care® machine in forward and backward passes. Spray on forward pass only. 

Allow carpets to dry completely, then vacuum.


Interim Cleaning for Heavily Soiled Carpet

On heavily soiled carpet, mix Whittaker’s CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE according to bottle instructions in Smart Care® machine’s solution tank. Operate the Smart Care® machine in forward and backward passes from two directions (North/South and East/West) passes for optimal agitation. Spray on forward pass only.

Allow carpet to dry, then vacuum.

For carpets with heavy chemical residues and soil, a final step of hot water extraction may be necessary.

If the same area regularly becomes very soiled, the maintenance program may need to be reevaluated. Ensure adequate walk-off matting to contain up to 80% of soil tracked in of occupants’ feet.  Adding more frequent low moisture encapsulation cleanings can save money in the long run, as carpet will maintain a cleaner appearance and require replacement less often.


Shop for your interim cleaning chemistry here, and learn more about our 4-step comprehensive carpet maintenance program to protect and preserve your carpets.

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