Maintaining Carpet Cleaning Equipment During the CODID-19 Lockdown, and Preparing for Reopening

Maintaining Carpet Cleaning Equipment During the CODID-19 Lockdown, and Preparing for Reopening

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis that has brought about many changes to the cleaning industry. The majority of consumers and businesses that are still open to the public are scrambling to purchase disinfectants and hand sanitizer. As a result, this has boosted the profits of some cleaning product manufacturers.

However, many other cleaning businesses, including building service contractors (BSCs) are experiencing slower than normal months. The virus has resulted in many BSC customers closing their businesses until it is deemed safe to reopen. During this time, most of these facilities are forgoing cleaning to reduce costs. Prior to reopening, these facilities will need BSCs to conduct thorough cleaning. While this downtime has resulted in lost profit and even layoffs, it also provides BSCs with a unique opportunity to take a closer look at their operations and prepare carpet cleaning equipment for reopening.

Maintaining Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Your customers will expect high-quality service and cleanliness once their businesses reopen their doors. Consider the following best practices for maintaining carpet cleaning equipment:

  1. Remove the machine’s brushes: Over time, brushes wear out, becoming less effective at lifting the carpet pile and agitating the chemistry into the carpet fibers. Make sure to frequently inspect the brush wear indicators. In the event that you notice any excessive bristle bending, referred to as “directional set,” replace with new brushes. If you try to prolong the lifespan of brushes too long, it can result in gear damage. Inspect the axles and check for hex shaft corners rounding.
  2. Clean and inspect: Remove the side covers of the machine. Check for and remove any lint that has accumulated and inspect the belts and gears. Ensure air vent holes in the side covers of the machine are clean, as this can cause machines to overheat and damage the motor. These small steps go a long way in keeping your carpet care machines in good working order.
  3. Check and tighten all screws: Take the time to tighten screws on the base of the machine and the handles to maintain stability during operation. Add thread lockers to threads and be sure to consult your equipment manufacturer if you are unsure of which color thread locker to use.  
  4. Remove the solution tank: Once the solution tank is removed, give it a good flushing with clean water. After the machine is reassembled, run clean water through the sprayer until no foam is seen for 10 seconds. If the spray nozzle tip has not been switched out in over two years, consider replacing it with a new part. These spray nozzles emit hundreds of gallons of water over the course of use. Over time, water impurities can cause wear by enlarging the opening of the spray tip. In turn, this allows more chemical to flow through and also narrows the spray pattern. Replacement can help avoid inconsistent spraying that impacts the thoroughness of cleaning.
  5. Stock up on essential spare parts and brushes: When customers start requesting service again, it will be a very busy time for many BSCs. Dealing with out-of-service equipment during this period can result in customer frustration, lost productivity and even lost business. Avoid downtime by having at least one extra set of brushes on hand, and a spare sprayer nozzle tip in case the part becomes clogged. Your customers will appreciate that you are prepared and have the necessary functioning equipment to get their carpet clean again.

In addition to conducting carpet cleaning equipment maintenance, it will be important for BSCs to have the right chemistry on hand – and enough of it! Many BSCs will be expecting a rush of calls from customers once shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted, and those that have stocked chemistry will be able to service their customers in a timely manner.

Meeting the New Standard of Clean

The coronavirus pandemic will have long-lasting consequences for many businesses. Most importantly, it will bring about higher expectations around cleanliness, as a lack of cleanliness can lead to the spread of potentially deadly pathogens. BSC customers and their customers will appreciate clean environments, and be quicker to judge facilities that do not meet their standards.

As cases of coronavirus dwindle and non-essential businesses begin to reopen, BSCs must be ready for a rush of requests for cleaning. Customers will want to provide clean environments for their guests, and clean carpet certainly sets the stage when a visitor walks into a facility. BSCs that have taken the time to give their equipment a tune-up and stock essential spare parts and chemistry will be better prepared for this busy time.

Carpet cleaning equipment maintenance is essential – and Whittaker can help! To learn more about carpet care solutions from Whittaker, like Smart Care® TWIN and TRIO machines and CRYSTAL® Chemistry, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance, contact us at 800.422.7686 or

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