Features & Highlights of the New Whittaker Website

Welcome to the new Whittaker website! We have worked hard to bring you an updated, streamlined website to make it easier to view and order our products. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the new features we are most excited about.


Enhanced Content on Product Pages

In addition to new photography, we have added detailed information to our individual product pages. You can now easily access items like product brochures, owner’s manuals, cleaning instructions, and videos all in the same place while you are viewing a product.

Simply continue scrolling down when you are on the desired product page, and you will see all of the options under the “Product Files” heading.


Easy to Use Compare List

If you want to see the differences between systems, our new Compare List functionality displays details about each machine in an easy to read table format.

Navigate to the first system product page you wish to compare and click “Add to compare list.” Do the same for all the products you would like to see in your comparison table. When you are ready, you can click on the “product comparison” link in the green bar that appears at the bottom of your screen, or scroll all the way down to “My Account” in the website footer and click “Compare products.”

Below is an example comparison between the Smart Care® 15” TRIO system and the Smart Care® 15” Standard TWIN system. You can quickly see the differences in productivity rates, price, number of brushes, and more.

whittaker product comparison


Improved Menu Navigation

With the new dropdown menus, you can quickly navigate to the precise product group or information section you would like to see. Click on any of the headings in the main menu, like “Products” or “Smart Care®,” and choose where you want to go by clicking on any of the subheadings.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the new website by calling us at 800-422-7686 or sending an email to We hope you enjoy our new online experience.


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