Sample Savings

Auto-simple. Auto Savings.
Automatic replenishment for your convenience

Auto-simple. Auto-savings. Automatic. Simplify and save with seamless chemistry replenishment.

Here's an example of how you'll save by enrolling in our Automatic Chemistry Replenishment Program. The time and money savings are clear.

Typical Customer OrderManual POAutomatic Replacement
1 Case of CRYSTAL DRY® Extra $128.00 $121.60
PO Issue Cost (Based on Industry Estimate)* $35.00 0
Monthly Subtotal $163.00 $121.60
X 12 for the Year $1956.00 $1459.20
Expedited Delivery (assuming 1/year) $100.00 0
Grand Total $2056.00 1459.20

* Your cost may be higher or lower. This does not include the cost of your customers’ satisfaction if you miss a commitment, or try to use substitute product and generate inferior or damaging results.

This example shows the savings for a customer that orders one case/month. Savings are greater for larger orders. For example, with 5 cases per month would have an annual program savings of $904 each year.

In addition to the savings, you'll be assured that you always have the chemicals you need to keep your carpets in top condition. Return to the Automatic Chemistry Replenishment  page or go directly to the Automatic Chemistry Replenishment category in our Online Store.