Professional Carpet Technicians

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Efficient Carpet Cleaning for Professional Carpet Technicians

As a professional carpet technician, your carpet cleaning business depends on your ability to provide outstanding cleaning services while keeping your costs low. You need a cost-effective, efficient, quality commercial carpet cleaning machine.

At Whittaker, we understand your needs, and have developed the Smart Care® System—America’s leading carpet cleaning system. Smart Care® machines increase profitability by cleaning more square feet of carpet per hour, with high production rates of 1,400-16,000 square feet per hour. Our low-moisture encapsulation also eliminates costly and time-consuming call-backs from streaking and wicking.

Decrease your training time and costs with our color-coded chemistry and brushes, which make it easy for any employee to clean any job. Our Smart Care® systems provide the most effective agitation either alone with our low-moisture system or prior to hot water extraction.

Your customers will appreciate Whittaker’s commitment to healthy carpets, with carpet mill and Woolsafe™ approvals. The Smart Care® System meets criteria for US Green Building Council LEED standards. Contact us today to see how Whittaker can grow your business!

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Smart Care® 15" TRIO System


  • 15” Smart Care® TRIO Machine
  • Five cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA
  • Cleaning Rate: Up to 11,670 sq. ft./hr

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crystal dry extra carpet cleaner



  • Encapsulates dry & oil embedded soils
  • Will not cause resoiling
  • Neutral pH, no VOCs

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Green Carpet Cleaning
The Smart Care® system’s color-coded chemistry and brushes make it easy for any employee to clean any job, which can substantially reduce training costs.
The Whittaker Smart Care® system is carpet mill and Woolsafe ™ approved, and meets criteria for US Green Building Council LEED standards.
Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation eliminates “call-backs” from streaking and wicking.
The Whittaker Smart Care® system increases efficiency with high production rates of 2,500-10,000 square feet per hour. This translates to more customers served each day, which adds dollars to your bottom line.