Color Theory in Commercial Interiors: Protect Your Design

When customers or clients walk into your facility, the colors they see immediately affect their first impression of your company and how they feel about you. Spatially, colors can help to guide people through space. Patterned carpets with runners or rugs over tile can show people where they are expected to go in large open spaces. Emotionally, colors can tie in with your brand image and reassure visitors of your trustworthiness, proficiency, or commitment to green design and sustainability, just to name a few options.

Architects and interior designers put a great deal of thought and effort into choosing color palettes for commercial projects that create the desired environment of the client; calming for health and wellness facilities, inspiring for startup co-working spaces, and so on. At Whittaker, we know how important it is to protect the appearance of your carefully crafted interior design. With our CRYSTAL® chemistry nothing gets in the way of your carpet’s true colors.


Strategic Color Use in Commercial Interior Design

Research into colors and how they affect behavior continues to grow, and is used in a variety of industries from interior design to marketing. According to “How Colors Can Influence Us,” an article from Konica Minolta, a manufacturer of optical technology that measures color and light,

“The idea of a link between colors and emotions is nothing new. Over 200 years ago, the German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe published his treatise 'Theory of Colors.' While by no means a rigorous scientific text, it influenced color research and his thoughts on colors and emotion are still relevant today. For example, he says red gives off a perception of importance and dignity, citing royalty in his description, while he sums up yellow as conveying an easygoing feeling.”


Current Color Trends

Green design, natural textures, and a feeling of bringing the outdoors in are all current trends in commercial design. Increased exposure to nature has been shown to have positive effects in office environments where employees are often indoors under artificial light for long periods of time.

Take a look at two different Colors of the Year for 2017: PANTONE Greenery and Shaw Floors Lush. Both organizations selected a shade of green reminiscent of leaves, plants, and grass, calling it “nature’s neutral” and “versatile and vibrant.” 

PANTONE Greenery

PANTONE Greenery.

Shaw flooring lush

Shaw Floors Lush.

Protect Carpet Colors with Whittaker

Whether your facility is keeping up with the latest color trends or sticking with neutrals, Whittaker can help you extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking their best. Our CRYSTAL® Chemistry and Smart Care® machines keeps carpet fibers looking bright by encapsulating and removing sticky residues that can trap soils, making carpets look dull and dirty. 

whittaker carpet cleaner appearance


Interim maintenance with the Whittaker Smart Care® System maintains a cleaner, more consistent carpet appearance over time at a lower cost. In addition, the Smart Care® System is considered safe and effective by industry leading carpet mills, meaning your carpet investment will also last longer.

Read more about Whittaker’s benefits for Architects and Designers here. If you have questions about Whittaker or would like to get started using the Smart Care® System in your facility, please give us a call at 800.422.7686 or email us at

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