Purchasing Trends of Large Cleaning Contractors

Several purchasing trends are influencing and shaping the business practices and buying habits of building service contractors. 

An article published by CleanLink points out these key conditions, which are shaping the way large cleaning companies operate. Each of these needs is met by Whittaker’s Smart Care® TRIO system, making it an excellent choice for any size facility service provider.

Increased Efficiencies

The cleaning industry faces increased pressure to reduce costs and increase worker productivity. This means that large cleaning contractors often look for equipment that can satisfy both of those needs, to save time and labor. The impressive productivity of the TRIO is well documented in a 3rd party Time and Motion Study.

Day Cleaning

Because most facilities need to be cleaned during business hours, equipment that is as quiet and unobtrusive as possible is imperative. The TRIO is ideal for day cleaning with its quiet and low-moisture operation and rapid dry times.

Dilution Control

Auto-dilution systems dilute chemicals to the proper proportions, which reduces chemical use and waste. Whittaker CRYSTAL® Chemistry is portion-controlled, which reduces user time and chemical waste while providing consistent cleaning results.


Many businesses are turning to green and sustainable operations in every department. This also applies to their cleaning contractors, who should be able to provide green cleaning alternatives. Whittaker CRYSTAL® Chemistry is Green Seal Certified and equipment is designed for long life.

Tobi Colbert, director of member services for the National Service Alliance points out that contractors are looking for equipment that delivers value. "A product brings value to the workplace if it is designed to last longer, is engineered to help a facility be greener and more sustainable, lowers cleaning costs, or improves customer satisfaction. For many NSA contractors today, these are bread and butter issues."

At Whittaker, we couldn’t agree more. Our Smart Care® systems are built and designed with all of these values at the core. 

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