Smart Care® System Saves Water

whittaker water conservation


Take the Concern Out of Water Conservation

Let's face it. Water conservation is putting new challenges on carpet cleaning. Most facilities still use hot water extraction systems to clean carpets resulting in high water demand. But Whittaker has a solution: the Smart Care® System.

Using low-moisture encapsulation, the Smart Care® System puts less demand on your facility's water consumption, while still saving time, saving money, and making sure every square foot of carpet looks its best.

In our infographic below, you can see that traditional walk behind extractors can use anywhere from 3,300 gallons to 13,333 gallons per year, while the Whittaker System consumes 1,061 gallons annually. Our low-moisture encapsulation process and our efficient spray nozzle both help contribute to water conservation while cleaning carpets.

In addition, the Smart Care® System provides significant advantages in productivity, with the ability to clean 9,720 square feet per hour.


smart care water conservation

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