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This unique accessory for your Smart Care® TWIN Machine was designed to scrub the carpet next to the wall. It finishes that last width of carpet that simply cannot be scrubbed with the standard machine. It features a 3 1/2 inch wide brush mounted on the end of an extra-long axle. The axle is inserted into the machine in the normal manner and is run through the internal brush. The Side Brush will enable you to remove the traditional "ring around the collar" appearance that is associated with other cleaning techniques. We recommend the machine run at a slight angle to the wall to prevent the end of the axle from coming into contact with the wall. This orientation not only scrubs the carpet but you gain the added benefit of scrubbing the bottom couple of inches of the wall. Angling also facilitates removal of debris that normally builds up where the carpet meets the baseboard or wall. Extra care should be taken with painted or stained wood baseboards. The side brush is designed to be used on the right front. As with the normal axle, it is inserted from the electrical side. This is the only configuration possible due to the directional axles. The brush comes in various degrees of stiffness. We stock both a .09 or .11 brush. The .11 is a little stiffer and will be a bit more aggressive. Since wear of the brush will always be on the outside edge, simply rotate the brush on the axle to change the direction of rotation. This extends brush life.
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