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Whittaker’s Smart Care® 15-inch TWIN System relies on low-moisture encapsulation technology to deliver a more thorough clean with less hassle. This means that our line of CRYSTAL® Chemistry cleaning agents encapsulate soil particles into small, clear polymers. Carpet fibers appear cleaner immediately and the polymers are removed through the simple process of vacuuming.

The 15-inch model is designed for medium to large-sized facilities with fewer obstructed areas. Because the carpet agitator is so easy to maneuver, it is incredibly simple to train your staff to use the System. They’ll enjoy being able to quietly and quickly conduct carpet care during the daytime or at night.

This System comes equipped with everything you need to maintain consistently cleaner carpet, including the CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool. This handheld tool with two bristle settings is great for manually addressing stains without the use the TWIN machine.

Clean up to 3,805 sq. ft./hour with this System.


  • 20" Smart Care® Machine
  • Three cases of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA (enough for 144,000 square feet of carpet)
  • Two-gallon manual sprayer
  • CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool
  • One case of CRYSTAL SPOTTER®
  • One case of CRYSTAL® Quick Restore
  • One case of CRYSTAL® Specialty Spotters
Products specifications
Cleaning Width (Inches) 19
Number of Brushes 2
Productivity Rate (Square Feet/Hour) 3,805
Motor Wattage 800
Machine Weight (Lbs) 49
Solution Sprayer Type Manual Pump Sprayer
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