Spring Carpet Cleaning Is A Serious Business

During the winter months, we tend to hibernate indoors. The windows stay shut, and we count down the weeks of cold weather as we come and go, dragging the dirt, snow, and salt with us. If that weren’t enough, did you know that the human body sheds all of its dead skin cells in just four weeks’ time? No wonder spring is prime time for cleaning things out and kicking off a fresh start.

In the coming weeks, people will be opening their windows, losing the jackets, and cleaning their homes and work spaces in preparation for carefree summer living. For many people, spring cleaning means addressing those areas that are conveniently forgotten through the winter months, deep cleaning everything from cabinets to carpets.


Spring Carpet Cleaning

If you own a carpet cleaning business, you know that business tends to pick up this time of year.

It’s important to remove all the residue built up in carpets from winter, which could include salt, mud, food stains from holiday parties, and more. This will not only improve carpet appearance, but will also extend the life of the carpet and remove particles that can harbor carpet odor and poor indoor air quality.

Make sure you’re prepared for the spring carpet cleaning season with all the right equipment to provide your customers the best-possible carpet cleaning experience. A combination of outstanding customer service and top-notch equipment and cleaning solutions will keep your customers coming back year after year.


Smart Care® Systems

Our Smart Care® Systems are designed to offer everything your carpet cleaning business need to deliver exceptional results. Designed to save time, money, and clean carpets more thoroughly, Smart Care® Systems are the result of many years of aggressive engineering, superior chemistry, and knowledgeable support.


Replacement Parts and Additional Accessories

Need new brushes or parts for your machine for the busy season? Whittaker makes finding replacement brushes and other parts easy with our Parts Finder tool. Our comprehensive collection of sprayers, spotting tools, and other accessories mean that you can find a solution for even the most unique carpet cleaning challenges.


CRYSTAL® Chemistry

For a thorough spring clean without the long downtime of hot water extraction, use one of our Deep Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Solutions like CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE. If the carpet has stains from the winter months, one of our Daily Encapsulation Solutions will do the trick. Make sure you try our newly improved CRYSTAL®OIL & GREASE spotting agent on paint, oil, and grease stains.

During this busy time, ensure you don’t run out of Chemistry by signing up for our Auto-Replenishment program. Choose the replenishment volume that fits your business, and save 5% on all CRYSTAL® Chemistry. The average user ordering 1 case of CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA per month saves nearly $600 per year with Auto-Replenishment! Take a look at our Sample Savings Page to see how much you could be saving.

If you have any questions about your Whittaker machines or chemistry, give us a call at (800) 422-7686 or email us at


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