Smart Care® TWIN: the Only Interim Maintenance System Certified for Cut and Loop Pile

The Carpet and Rug Institute has given its Seal of Approval for Interim Maintenance Systems to the Whittaker Smart Care® 20” TWIN Pro for both Commercial Cut Pile and Commercial Loop Pile. The TWIN is the only interim system approved for both cut and loop pile carpets.


About Interim Maintenance Systems

CRI defines interim maintenance as “that cleaning between vacuuming and deep-cleaning.” It is Level 2 in their Three Levels of Cleaning:

  1. Routine Cleaning – Level 1 includes regular vacuuming and spot cleaning.
  2. Interim Maintenance System Cleaning – Interim cleaning is designed to improve carpet appearance, decreasing the frequency of deep cleaning.
  3. Deep Cleaning – Level 3 cleaning is more intense than interim maintenance, and seeks to extract embedded soils from carpet.

For the Seal of Approval Interim Maintenance Systems certification, CRI tests cleaning systems for their ability to visually improve the appearance of soiled carpet. In the Efficacy Evaluation category, performance is measured by spectrophotometer and the AATCC gray scale. Other categories of testing include surface appearance change (damage to fibers), pH in a safe range, rate of re-soiling, presence of optical brighteners, and colorfastness.


The Smart Care® TWIN

At Whittaker, we are very proud that our Smart Care® 20” TWIN Pro has been certified for both cut and loop pile interim maintenance. The TWIN is characterized by its two cylindrical brushes that agitate chemistry and lift carpet pile all at once.

We have several brush options available for the TWIN, and they can be changed easily without the use of any tools. Our patented Dimpled Rollers were used for cut pile carpets in the test. White brushes were used for loop pile carpets in the test.

Learn more about Smart Care® Machines on the Whittaker website.

See all Seal of Approval Certified Interim Maintenance Systems on the CRI website.



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