University of California Launches New Interim Carpet Maintenance Program

University of California Launches New Interim Carpet Maintenance Program

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The University of California, Riverside (UCR) is one of 10 general campuses of the University of California system and sits on 1,900 acres in Riverside. With an average undergraduate enrollment of around 20,000, UCR’s foot traffic increases each year. To keep the carpet in its campus and housing buildings clean and stain-free, UCR’s team traditionally used carpet bonneting machines.

“Carpet bonnet machines are heavy and can be very difficult for staff to control. Bonnet machines also require the carpet to be saturated with water and chemicals, which means the carpet remains wet for hours afterward,” said Rey Varela, Custodial Supervisor, University of California, Riverside.

Although carpet bonnet machines can remove some surface dirt, the process pushes other soil further into the carpet, leaving behind detergent residue that can lead to re-soiling. Bonnet machines can also wear carpet down more quickly and damage already torn, loose or snagged carpet.



When UCR hired new Assistant Director of Custodial and Housekeeping Services, Aaron Uresti, he brought along his experience using the carpet encapsulation cleaning method from another university and showed his team the benefits of using this process over carpet bonneting.

In June 2018, UCR ordered six Whittaker Smart Care® TRIO systems for interim maintenance. The TRIO features three counter-rotating brushes for greater mechanical action, and is available in various widths to accommodate cleaning requirements. With a low-fatigue machine-mounted solution tank and lite-touch control, the ergonomic and easy-to-use TRIO helps staff maintain carpet in a safer, more productive and cost-effective way.

“Using a Whittaker machine is as simple as vacuuming, and our staff really appreciates that,” said Varela. “The machines are well built and easy to maintain.”

The machines also arrived with the chemistry needed to perform interim cleaning, deep cleaning and spot and stain removal, including CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA, CRYSTAL® Quick Restore and CRYSTAL® Specialty Spotters.



UCR experienced numerous benefits after switching to Whittaker’s carpet cleaning system, including: 

  • Increased productivity:

Whittaker’s low-moisture method allows carpet to dry within 30 minutes, so UCR staff can reset furniture soon after cleaning and reopen common areas to students and staff. It also allows workers to move on to other important cleaning tasks on campus.

  • Improved carpet appearance:

University buildings with carpeted areas experience consistently high levels of foot traffic. Interim maintenance keeps carpet looking its best year-round.

  • Peace of mind:

Whittaker’s user-friendly and lightweight machines can be used by workers of any age, eliminating the worry of machines being too heavy or difficult to handle. When carpet dries faster, it also eliminates the risk of slippery, wet carpet causing a slip and fall accident.

  • Cost savings:

Because Whittaker’s machines are easy to use, they require little downtime for training and allow staff to be more productive. Regular use of the machines helps protect carpet investments to reduce carpet costs over the long term.


From its incredible customer service to its well-made machines, we’ve had a great experience with Whittaker so far and look forward to working with them more,” added Varela.

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