Water Conservation

Water Conservation

The high demand for environmentally conscious facility management places new challenges on carpet cleaning. Most facilities still use hot water extraction systems to clean carpets, resulting in a high water demand and contaminated waste water. 

Whittaker has the solution to help save water: the Smart Care® System. Using low moisture encapsulation cleaning, the Smart Care® System puts less demand on your facility’s water consumption while saving time, money, and ensuring every square foot of carpet looks its best. Simply mix our CRYSTAL® Chemistry formulas with the proper amount of water, spray on the carpet, and agitate with a Smart Care® machine. After a short dry time (about 30 minutes), vacuum the encapsulated dirt and soil away.

Annual Gallons Consumed* 

Our systems, combined with CRYSTAL® Quick RestoreTM chemistry, achieves the same results as hot water extraction while using 3 to 12 times less water than leading competitors.

  • Whittaker System: 1,061
  • Walk Behind Extractor A: 3,300
  • Walk Behind Extractor B: 10,017
  • Walk Behind Extractor C: 13,333

Annual gallons consumed based on 250,000 square feet cleaned quarterly.



Whittaker System Water Conservation Carpet Cleaning

Productivity Advantages

In addition to conserving water, the Smart Care® System increases productivity with easy to use machines. See the table below for a comparison of spray nozzle flow rates and productivity between Whittaker machines and walk behind extractors. 

 Smart Care®Walk Behind Extractor AWalk Behind Extractor BWalk Behind Extractor C
Water Use by Cleaning Method Low Moisture Encapsulation Hot Water Extraction Hot Water Extraction Hot Water Extraction
Spray Nozzle Flow Rate (gal/minute) 0.172 0.33 0.7 1
(sf/hour per ISSA)
9,720 6,000 4,193 4,500

Visit our Smart Care® Productivity Rate Comparison page to compare all of our Carpet and Rug Institute Approved carpet cleaning systems.