What Makes Whittaker Smart Care® Machines Stand Out?

With more than 50 years of experience in the carpet cleaning industry, we’ve used our expertise to build the Whittaker System of commercial carpet cleaning equipment and encapsulation solutions. Our systems help you not only clean carpets, but also extend the life of those carpets.

What is it exactly that makes the Whittaker Smart Care® TWIN and TRIO different from other commercial carpet cleaning machines? It all comes down to ease of use and the carpet cleaning results.


Smart Care® Machines are Easy To Use

When we designed our Smart Care® carpet cleaning machines, one of our highest priorities was making them easy to use. Our machines can be operated by anyone on your team, requiring no more training or effort than a commercial upright vacuum cleaner.

Storage and maintenance are simple and straightforward as well. The handles may be removed quickly without the use of any tools, making the machine easy to transport in a regular-sized car or vehicle. When it’s time to rotate or change the brushes, once again, no tools are needed.

Our specially designed brushes are great at multitasking – they agitate and lift carpet pile all at the same time. This delivers the Crystal Dry® solution deep into the fibers, allowing it to encapsulate more dirt and soil and resulting in a brighter, cleaner carpet.


Whittaker Delivers Results

Interim maintenance with Whittaker machines will help preserve the life of your carpet. It will also keep your carpet looking its best by removing sticky residues that can trap dirt in fibers through our encapsulation solutions.

In the chart below, you can see how the addition of interim maintenance cleaning with the Smart Care® system results in lower soil levels. ΔL is a measure of the difference in whiteness between a new and a soiled carpet. Encapsulation cleaning between hot water extractions preserves carpet appearance and lengthens carpet life.

whittaker effects of carpet cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning with Whittaker machines allows for greater productivity through the easy to use machines and the greatly reduced dry time. With hot water extraction, carpets must dry before the area can be walked on and used again. This can take hours or days depending on the facility and ventilation. With encapsulation cleaning, dry time is reduced to minutes. Cleaners can tackle more square footage with less downtime with Whittaker machines.

Our Smart Care® machines are available in 15” and 20” sizes in three models: TWIN Standard, TWIN Pro, and the TRIO. Learn more about each model here, or give our sales team a call at (800) 422-7686.


Our Brand Commitment – Making sure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers, and installers intended.

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