Whittaker Sponsors 3 Seminars at ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2015

ISSA whittaker trade show


Whittaker is excited to be attending the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Las Vegas 2015 trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on October 21-23. In addition to our booth, we are also sponsoring 3 Convention Seminars, which will take place on Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

These seminars cover important topics, including the future of work, sustainability, and reducing facilities' environmental impact. Attendees to our Convention Seminars will receive a free CRYSTAL ® Spot Tool. Check out the full event descriptions below. We hope to see you in Las Vegas!

Register for the trade show and for seminars at the website


Society 3.0 - The Future of Work

Location: N107

Date/Time: 20 Oct. 2015, 13:00

Session Description: Rapid changes in society and technology have changed work, talent management, and employment. The modern workplace requires individuals and firms to actively engage in workforce preparation to ensure personal, corporate, and national prosperity. Apply lessons learned from the healthcare, media, manufacturing, automotive and other industries. Plus tap advice for both employers and employees from the book Society 3.0. Tips include: How globalization and societal forces have created a new workplace Technologies that are changing work, skills, and careers What work will look like in 2020 New skills required in a digital world How you can stay employed for life

Speaker: Tracey Wilen - Dr. Wilen is a global speaker on the impact of technology on work, careers, and women’s leadership.


The Winning Numbers Behind Sustainability

Location: N103

Date/Time: 20 Oct. 2015, 13:00

Session Description: Tap into the enormous amount of research available in the U.S. and abroad to determine what sustainability information needs to be measured, tracked, and reported. You'll delve into the broad landscape of important issues and trends, identify specific opportunities and tools to help meet customer reporting needs, and find solutions to internally reduce environmental impact and save money. If you already have a strong green cleaning program, sustainability is the next business requirement on the journey.

Speaker: Steve Ashkin - Steve is President of The Ashkin Group, an internationally recognized consulting firm working to green the professional cleaning industry.


Help Facilities Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact

Location: N103

Date/Time: 20 Oct. 2015, 14:00

Session Description: Building owners and facility managers are focused on reducing their total operating expenses, which means much more than cleaning. So you need to move away from discussing the direct cost of cleaning to what they really care about - their spend on energy, water, waste and other expenses. Learn to speak their language and as well as strategies, processes, and products that can help your customers save money and reduce environmental impacts. Whether you're a distributor, service provider or manufacturer, you'll take home tips for differentiating your offering from the competition, to ultimately grow your business.

Speaker: Steve Ashkin - Steve is President of The Ashkin Group, an internationally recognized consulting firm working to green the professional cleaning industry.

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