Why We Use Whittaker: The AHI Facility Services Carpet Story

R.E. Whittaker Company takes great pride in giving service providers a smarter way to clean their client’s carpets. Today we sat down with Jacob Talley, Portfolio Manager at AHI Facility Services, to find out exactly how Whittaker Systems can help service providers care for carpets in a more efficient way.


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Whittaker: Tell us about your business and what you do.

Jacob Talley: I am a portfolio manager for AHI Facilities services. AHI provides cost-effective, world class integrated facility services to commercial building owners and/or managers nationwide and we are CIMS certified through ISSA. I handle a specific Fortune 500 technology and manufacturing client and am responsible for the servicing of 12-14 of their buildings here in the Texas area.


W: Do you mainly do day or night cleanings?

J: We do a mixture of day and night cleanings. Our client’s manufacturing locations are staffed 24/7. At those locations we clean around the clock. At the administrative buildings we tend to do touch up cleaning during the day with the majority of cleaning performed overnight.


W: Has Whittaker helped you improve efficiency in your operations?

J: Absolutely! Our labor has been reduced and we’ve found that we’re able to clean a much larger area in a shorter amount of time. We’ve also been impressed by the quality of cleaning that we’ve experienced from using the Whittaker System and by the lack of carpet spots returning after performing our routine cleanings.

Prior to using the Whittaker System, our client had 15-20 rooms that need to be spot cleaned regularly. After using the Whittaker system this past month, we only needed to spot clean a couple of areas in just 5 rooms.

In the past, our client would replace carpet squares that couldn’t be salvaged, but now we’re able to salvage our client’s carpet with the Whittaker System.


W: How does your client feel about the Whittaker System?

J: The appearance of carpets and hallways have always been a concern for our client. They recently gutted out the carpets and wanted to maintain a very pristine appearance for their carpets. They were previously doing Bonnet cleaning but after much research, I discovered that Bonnet cleaning can easily damage carpets and can void the carpet’s warranty.

I suggested using an encapsulation process with the Whittaker System to our client and they agreed, but had the expectation that any spots would be removed within 24 hours with this new cleaning method. After testing the Whittaker System, I fell in love with the product and felt that this expectation could be met.

Our client has been very satisfied with the Whittaker system and has made comments that they can see the difference in a short amount of time. They often refer to the product as the “magic potion."


W: What have your employees said about using Whittaker products?

J: Our employees love the system. At first they were apprehensive about using a system that they were not familiar with, but when they used it they were immediately impressed.

One of our concerns was how much training we would need to provide to new staff members that were not familiar with Whittaker, but the simplicity of using the Whittaker System has been amazing. The training boils down to very basic instruction with minimal direction necessary.


W: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

J: The quality of the machines are awesome and the ease of use blows my mind. It’s as simple as opening the tank, pouring in a bottle and filling with water. The machines are quiet enough for us to use during the day time and I’ve had fun showing them off to curious passersby. The system has already saved us time in labor and dollars in refurbished carpets.


Our Brand Commitment – Making sure that every square foot of carpet adds to the beauty of a facility as its manufacturers, architects, designers, and installers intended.

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