Why We Use Whittaker: The Coverall of Cleveland Carpet Story

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Coverall of Cleveland has been around since 1986, serving its franchisees in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, and the surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio. The office offers support to local independently owned and operated franchised businesses. We sat down with Mark Rager, the Regional Business Development Manager, to discuss the Whittaker System, how it impacts training, and feedback from Coverall franchisees.


Whittaker: Tell us what you do for Coverall.

Mark Rager: I’m the Regional Business Development Manager for the Coverall Support Center in Cleveland. We currently have about 300 franchised business owners, for which I do all of the training. Carpet cleaning is one part of the services they offer to their customers, and along with that comes Whittaker. I get to train every new franchise owner that comes into the Coverall System, and any franchise owner that needs a little assistance or help. I’ve been in the business 30+ years.


W: What types of clients do Coverall franchisees serve?

M: Coverall Franchised Businesses handle everything from healthcare facilities to factories and restaurants, just about everything – but they don’t do residential. In the past, you used to be able to go into an office area, and it would take four hours to clean with a hot water extractor. Now, franchisees can go in with Whittaker and crank it out in 45 minutes. The difference is phenomenal. The chemicals, the machines, it just works 100%. Plus, their customers are not going to have a soaking wet carpet for two hours or longer. After 20 minutes, it’s all done.


W: How has Whittaker impacted your operations? 

M: In commercial cleaning, it’s all about productivity, how long you’re spending on an account, and what you’re doing in an account. When Whittaker came on board with us about 7 years ago, to see the process go from 900 square feet an hour with a hot water extractor to now, with the new TRIO, up to 10,000 square feet an hour – it’s just phenomenal. The productivity and ease of the machine is great. Our franchisees are not spending 10-15 minutes setting up a hot water portable extractor – unloading it out of their car and back and forth. With Whittaker it’s so simple. It fits in the trunk of a small car, it breaks down easily, and they can get in and out.


W: Is it easy to train people to use the Whittaker System?

M: Whittaker System is simple. Just use one bottle of chemical to the tank of water. The simplicity of being able to do that is amazing, instead of having to measure out your hot water extraction solution, defoamer and multiple other chemicals.


W: How effective is the CRYSTAL® Chemistry?

M: A franchise owner was doing a carpet service for one of their restaurant customers, and restaurants are notorious for grease. Of course, the kitchen areas are going to be tile and then lead right into a carpeted area. That grease builds up. The CRYSTAL® OIL & GREASE they have is fantastic. It broke down the grease, and over a period of time the carpet in the restaurant looked better than the rest of the carpet throughout the facility! The franchise owner was able to land the contract for the whole front of the house instead of certain little areas.


W: What effect does Whittaker have on carpet long term?

M: Due to it being low moisture, you’re not dropping a lot of water down onto the floor to where it’s going to sit and may build up underneath the padding or under the fibers. It doesn’t wick or create other stains. It is quick and gets the area clean. Every franchise owner that comes in and runs through this system with me is asking, “When can I buy this?”


W: Have you had good customer support from Whittaker?

M: I would say fantastic customer support and technical support. They bend over backwards. They back their product.


W: What do you think of Whittaker compared to other methods of carpet cleanings?

M: Encapsulation has been around for a few years. With the new technologies and what Whittaker has done with their new TRIO machine – I can’t say anything bad about it.

I’ve done dry cleaning systems, I’ve done hot water extraction, but when you see the difference in how the carpet looks when the Whittaker machine actually touches it – it is just night and day.


W: Would you say productivity is the number one benefit of Whittaker for the franchise owners?

M: I think productivity is the number one benefit for the franchise owners, to be able to go in and do it properly. The second, and it rates right up there, is their chemical technology. When you’re using their chemicals and machines together, it produces good looking carpet.

The machine speaks for itself. The ease of the machine, the superiority of the chemicals, and the end result are why we use Whittaker. And that’s what everybody’s looking for, that end result, and it comes out looking just fantastic.

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