Why We Use Whittaker: The Executive Management Services, Inc. Carpet Story

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Executive Management Services, Inc. is a facility services corporation headquartered in Indiana, with branch offices all over the country from Massachusetts to Idaho. We talked to Steve Lowder, a Regional Manager based in Tempe, AZ. EMS provides cleaning services to many types of commercial properties, such as corporate environments, office buildings, churches, and retail centers. With such a diverse client base, it’s important that their carpet cleaning systems deliver quality results no matter what type of space is being cleaned.


Whittaker: Tell us what your experience has been with the Whittaker System.

Steve Lowder: I have used Whittaker machines for close to 15 years now with several different models. My experience has been Whittaker continues to make improvements as the years go by. They continue to enhance their equipment and the ease of using their equipment gets better each time.

Here are a couple of points I really love about Whittaker. In cleaning carpet, you can oversaturate which causes safety concerns for people working inside the building. In an ever-increasing competitive market we can clean the carpet well and have it dry in 30 minutes, which is a real benefit to our folks in terms of labor costs, safety concerns, and the load on air conditioning units in the building.

It is nearly five times as quick, if not more, than traditional extraction, so it really improves our efficiency. After you’re done, the carpet has a really nice look to it, especially with the pile lifting that the Whittaker machine provides. People really stand back and say, “Wow, my carpet looks great!”


W: How often do you perform encapsulation cleaning with Whittaker machines for your clients?

S: Usually once a quarter or once every couple months depending on foot traffic for an excellent interim maintenance method. It is a good, efficient way for us to provide the customers a better look to their facilities, versus taking a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to send a crew around to extract all the carpet. It’s really helpful for us to clean during our normal cleaning hours.


W: How does the Whittaker system’s impact on the environment compare to other methods of carpet cleaning?

S: Certainly anything we can do to reduce water consumption and lessen our impact on the environment is always a benefit. I cannot think of a customer out there who wouldn’t agree.

Another bonus to using the Whittaker system vs extraction/bonneting is you’re not mixing up gallons and gallons of water and chemicals to use then pouring left over chemical or recovery tanks down the drain. With the Whittaker system, you’re simply cleaning the carpet and then vacuuming the dirt out. The waste goes out with the regular vacuuming, so the impact on the environment is clearly less. The Whittaker chemicals don’t have any type of strong odor to them. The chemicals are simple to use and understand, they work on most all applications.


W: What type of customer service have you received from Whittaker?

S: I couldn’t be more complimentary of the company. It’s been a fantastic relationship for us. Steve Pridon from Whittaker flew out to Arizona and put on a presentation. He demonstrated new products and answered questions, which was certainly a benefit for us. With one quick phone call or email, everything is taken care of.

I had a question regarding a part one time, and I called up the service department and told them what the problem was. He was in Pennsylvania and I’m in Arizona, but he said, “OK I know what the problem is.” He sent me the part, I put it on, and it was fixed.


W: What would you say is the biggest benefit that Whittaker offers?

S: I would say efficiency, quality, and the look of the carpet are the biggest benefits. It’s really a toss-up on those points. There are many efficient products out there, but if it doesn’t work, it’s pointless.

You couldn’t have a bigger fan here, with the equipment, chemicals, the service, and the company in general; they’re just fantastic. The product works, that’s the main thing. I’m here to provide clean carpet to facilities; the equipment works and everybody’s safe.


W: Do you have any other Whittaker stories you’d like to share?

S: Not only have we used Whittaker machines for cleaning carpet, I’ve taken some of the older models and scrubbed grouted tile. It is functional in other settings, not just carpet. We used a regular soap solution and applied it to the floors. The brushes seem to scrub down in the grout. Then we just remove the brushes and clean them, and we were good to go again!

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