Why We Use Whittaker: Cary Valencia of Harrison Industries


Traditionally used in many large-scale buildings by commercial cleaning companies, The Whittaker Smart Care® Cleaning System is not just used by and for corporate clients. Our dry extraction cleaning system can be used efficiently and affordably for small to mid scale cleaning, too. From private homes to local office buildings, Whittaker machines can clean any carpet service in need.

A shining example of the Whittaker machines' flexibility in use can be found in the Pacific Northwest city of Salem, Oregon. We sat down with Cary Valencia of Harrison Industries & Eco Star Carpet Care to learn about why he uses the Whittaker System for both large and small operations.

Cary serves as the General Manager at Harrison Industries, wherein he is in charge of all carpet cleaning maintenance within 8 properties encompassing over 1600 individual units. In addition to the corporate clients served at Harrison, Cary also started his very own part-time business to serve smaller local clients in need. Here's what he had to say:


Whittaker: Tell us about your business.

Cary Valencia: First off, I have a small business that is mostly a side business. I have a full time job at Harrison Industries, and that’s how I learned about Whittaker in the first place. I worked for a series of apartment complexes and came across Whittaker when my boss’s friend had his house cleaned with the Whittaker system. He told us we had to try it out. After we saw how great the product was, we bought Whittaker systems for all of our apartment complexes. Given the low cost of the system, I purchased one for myself and started the carpet cleaning business that I operate now.


W:  How do you incorporate Whittaker machines and solutions into your operations?

CV:  I love the Whittaker system for personal use. I can throw it in my truck, in my car without any problem--I don’t necessarily have to have a dedicated van like other carpet cleaning businesses. As a small business, portability is huge for us. The low cost of getting the system was another huge factor. I had been cleaning carpets for 12 years and could not afford to buy a van to start my own business. I would have had to go into debt, take out a loan, that kind of thing. But the low cost of the Whittaker was perfect for us. We bought the system and have been in business now officially for four years. Business is going well and we are consistently busy. I have multiple clients that we see on a quarterly basis or several times a year.


W: What type of clients do you service? Are they corporate clients or personal?

CV: We have a mix. We have a lot of corporate clients, restaurants and many retirement homes. Retirement homes love us for the fact that we’re not running hoses through their facilities and that the carpet is nearly dry by the time we leave. That’s where portability comes to our aid again. We can go to any floor, any room in the building quite easily. That is a huge selling point for our clients.

Here in Oregon, I stress the green seal certified Whittaker products from a marketing and sales standpoint. The certification always raises eyebrows and makes our clients feel comfortable with the safety of the products.


W: What is the biggest benefit that you feel the Whittaker products provide to you and your business? 

CV: Honestly, starting the business the way we did, it would have to be the low cost. The chemicals used in the Whittaker system are not expensive. The machine itself is an excellent value compared to your typical truck-balance system. For me, as a small business, the great value is the biggest benefit for us. It outperforms a van in almost every situation. People are amazed that their carpets are dry when we leave, that the products are green seal certified and with the high quality of work. It performs just as well as a van in almost every situation, no matter how you look at it. I think the market will be expanding towards Whittaker-style products when people start seeing what they can do.

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