Carpet Care Tips to Prepare for Winter

Between snow, salt, rain and mud, winter is the season when carpets take a beating. In order to preserve your carpets during the colder months, there are several steps you can take to prepare your facility and your carpet cleaning staff.


Place Interior & Exterior Mats at All Entryways

The first line of defense against damaging salt, dirt and moisture is proper mats outside and within each door to the facility. Textured scraper mats can be placed outside to remove larger debris and prevent slips, while indoor wiper mats can assist in drying off shoes. More is better when it comes to mats; longer lengths of matting wear better and prevent more soils from entering the building.


Reduce Staining with Preventative Care

Help carpet fibers resist stains with preventative interim maintenance. Our CRYSTAL® STAIN BLOCK stain resist additive is an excellent treatment for lobbies and any other areas that need extra protection. Before the snow or rain begins for the season, simply add CRYSTAL® STAIN BLOCK to CRYSTAL DRY® EXTRA solution, agitate with your Smart Care® machine, and vacuum as usual.


Increase Carpet Cleaning Frequencies

In the winter, it is often necessary to increase carpet cleaning frequencies to keep up with the higher levels of moisture and soil. Your cleaning frequency will depend on the type of facility and its hours of use; 24-hour facilities may require daytime and nighttime cleanings, while schools could be cleaned in the evenings or between classes. Determine which days and times are the busiest for your organization and design a comprehensive maintenance plan around them.


Stock Up on Both Spot & Deep Cleaners

Have plenty of spot cleaners and deep cleaning solutions on hand to last your team through the season. Deep cleaners include CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER for ice melt salt stains and CRYSTAL EXTRACT® encapsulating pre-spray for all types of dry and oily soils. Take care of coffee and hot chocolate spills with CRYSTAL SPOTTER® spotting agent, which is agitated with the small and nimble CARPET ROAMER® Spotting Tool. For especially stubborn coffee or red food dye stains, a second pass with CRYSTAL RED STAIN® Plus spotting agent will do the trick.


crystal chemistry salt remover

Visit our Cleaning Instructions page for detailed information on how to remove spots and other valuable cleaning resources. If you have any questions about winter carpet care, CRYSTAL® Chemistry, or Smart Care® machines, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.422.7686 or send us an email.


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