Beat Winter Carpet Damage with CRYSTAL® Salt Remover

Beat Winter Carpet Damage with CRYSTAL® Salt Remover

Winter weather is particularly challenging for BSCs because winter-weather hazards can result in costly slip-and-fall accidents. It’s possible to keep your exterior sidewalks safe, without sacrificing your interior carpet’s integrity and appearance. Facility managers looking to protect carpet and maintain integrity and appearance during the hrash winter months should impliment an interim maintenance program that features quality salt removing carpet care products, such as Whittaker's CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER.


Beat Winter Carpet Damage to Extend the Life of Your Facility’s Carpets

Ice melt products can help facility managers keep exterior surfaces safe. However, tracked-in ice melt is unattractive and has the potential to damage carpets. Sodium chloride ice melt (also called rock salt) leaves a white powdery residue that, if allowed to sit on the floor too long, can result in stains and may damage carpet fibers. Similarly, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride ice melts leave behind an oily residue that can attract dirt on carpets. If not removed, either type of product may eventually lead to damage and dry rot issues in carpets and rugs.

CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER is great at removing ice melt salt stains (both new and old) on carpeted areas and entrance mats. It works by breaking down the salt and allows it to be easily lifted from the carpet with water extraction.


Recommended CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER Directions:

Add one 12-ounce bottle to 5 gallons of water, agitate product into stained area using the Smart Care® TRIO or TWIN, and extract if needed. CRYSTAL® SALT REMOVER is easy to apply, and leaves no residue. As with all CRYSTAL® products, no dyes or fragrances are added, for the most effective carpet cleaning experience possible.

Click here for more information and detailed instructions on restorative cleaning.



1. Removal of ice melt stains on carpets and entrance matting

2. As a pre-spray with agitation prior to restorative cleaning for high pH chemical residues


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