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For Education Facilities

Whittaker’s Smart Care® Systems and CRYSTAL DRY® Chemistry are designed to keep your school’s carpets in the best possible condition, year after year. Whittaker’s easy-to-use carpet cleaning machines feature our unique encapsulation technology. Whittaker’s Smart Care® Systems are efficient and powerful and significantly reduce any inconvenience associated with carpet cleaning to your students and staff – specifically noise and drying time.

Our low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is a revolutionary alternative to otherwise disruptive, cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient carpet cleaning systems that leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt and oils.

Several of the Whittaker encapsulation chemistries meet the Green Seal GS-37 standard, which means its use is suitable for settings such as schools where students may be vulnerable to environmental or other health challenges.

Additionally, using a Whittaker Smart Care® System in your school will allow your janitorial staff to clean during daylight hours as needed. The system is quiet and requires virtually no drying time due to its dry encapsulation chemistries.

Whittaker’s Systems have been designed to be simple to learn, easy to operate, move and store, eliminating the need for specially trained staff or contractors.

Learn more about our Smart Care® Systems and Chemistry, and find the right fit for your education facility.

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SMART CARE® Systems and CRYSTAL DRY® Chemistry.

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