Commercial Carpet Cleaning Machines

for Hotels

Whittaker’s Smart Care® Systems and CRYSTAL DRY® Chemistry are designed to keep the carpet in your hotel(s) in pristine condition. Featuring our unique encapsulation technology and easy-to-use carpet cleaning machines, Whittaker’s Smart Care® Systems are efficient, powerful, and significantly reduce any inconvenience to the hotel’s occupants.

Our low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is a revolutionary alternative to otherwise disruptive, expensive, inefficient carpet cleaning systems that leave a sticky residue. Reduce all disruptions typically associated with carpet cleaning – including noise and drying time.

Learn more about our Smart Care® Systems and Chemistry, and find the right fit for your hotel(s). 


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SMART CARE® Systems and CRYSTAL DRY® Chemistry.

The equipment and supplies you need for a cost-effective carpet maintenance program and simplified spotting system.