Support FAQs


Where can I find information on how to use Whittaker products?

Please refer to the following pages: Cleaning Instructions Training Videos and Product Documentation

Why don't I have to let CRYSTAL DRY® dwell after spraying onto carpet?

With CRYSTAL DRY® Extra the dwell time begins after agitation with our twin and triple cylindrical brush Smart Care® machines. The brushing action helps comb the chemistry throughout the fibers - not just on top. As the chemistry dries, soil is encapsulated inside microscopic crystals.  The encapsulated soil is ready for recovery immediately when dry or at the next scheduled vacuum cycle.

Will CRYSTAL DRY ® cleaning crystals build up on carpet fibers?

While harsh chemical cleaners can leave a sticky residue, CRYSTAL DRY® Extra and CRYSTAL® QUICK RESTORE become very brittle once they dry and fracture easily. Neither product will dry sticky, which allows them to be removed easily by vacuuming. Please refer to Encapsulation.

What can I do to clean up to the edges of walls?

Simply add the Side Brush cleaning tool, which extends 4" to the outside of your Smart Care® machine. It snaps on easily with no tools required.

Why is my machine vibrating or bouncing?

The most common reason a Smart Care® machine will vibrate is due to its brushes. Brushes may have a flat spot somewhere on them due to improper storage. Soaking in hot water will often remove minor flat spots.

Another reason may be infrequent brush rotation (end-to-end) to change the direction they spin. If brushes are not regularly rotated they will form a slant in the bristles, and if one or both are rotated end-to-end at this point it becomes very aggressive and can bounce or not spin due to excess friction. 

IMPORTANT! If the machine vibrates badly – STOP IMMEDIATELY!  Gear damage will occur due to this added stress.

Why is one of the machine’s brushes not spinning?

When a drive gear is stripped, one or both of the brushes will not spin.

Why is my sprayer not spraying evenly?

Spray tips can become clogged by debris or even chemical that is not flushed after use. Remove the tip and soak in hot water, then use a nylon brush (tooth brushes work great) to clean the tip.

Why is my sprayer making noise, but not spraying?

If the solution tank is not empty, check all connections. Check to ensure filter inside bottom of tank is clean. Call our service department for more troubleshooting.

Why do carpet spots return the next day?

Sometimes a spot that has been cleaned comes back a day or two later.  This happens typically with liquid spills, like coffee or cola drinks. 

The liquids naturally go down to the backing and spread out. When the carpet fibers are cleaned with moisture water, the spot wicks up from the backing into fiber tips as it dries.

A 12 ounce drink can spread to cover about 24 inches in width. Hot water extraction wicks that spill from the backing and the spot appears to grow. This doesn’t happen with low moisture cleaning.

When it comes time to rinse extract your carpet, we recommend using an encapsulating extraction pre-spray. The wicked spots are encapsulated in polymer crystals to be removed during routine vacuuming.  Encapsulation chemistry crystals also hide colored soil within, improving the appearance of the carpet.

Why do spots return after a couple of weeks?

If spots return after a couple of weeks, the reason is almost always re-soiling. Re-soiling is caused by an oily residue in the carpet fibers. This may be caused by the type of soil in the carpet fibers (think of vegetable oil) or because of a cleaning chemical that does not dry into non-sticky crystals (think dishwashing soap). 

As shoes or wheels travel across the carpet, dry soil on them sticks to the sticky carpet fibers. The spot will become more and more visible. With heavy sticky chemical residues over large areas of carpet, an intensive multi-step cleaning process is required. For a smaller spot several applications of CRYSTAL SPOTTER® Chemistry may be all that is needed. In extreme cases hot water rinse extraction is the best option, while using an encapsulating pre-spray.

What is Whittaker's return policy?

Within 30 days, products may be returned for credit, less freight and a 20% restocking fee. Products must be in original packaging, unused and in sellable condition. Private label or custom products are only returnable if defective when received.  To make a return, contact customer service for a Return Authorization at Number (800) 422-7686, or e-mail The Return Authorization Number must appear on the returned product package label.  Please do not use foam packing peanuts or shredded paper for padding. Fully insure all packages.

How can I obtain service on my equipment or get a machine repaired?

Visit our Blue Ribbon Service Department page for information.