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Summer Break Carpet Maintenance Best Practices for Schools
Summer Break Carpet Maintenance Best Practices for Schools

Whether your school is planning to reopen in the fall or wait until 2021 to welcome students and staff back, it’s important to establish an easy-to-follow routine for summer carpet maintenance.

Prepping for Winter Carpet Care
Prepping for Winter Carpet Care

This winter, make sure your hotel is prepared to keep carpet in great condition by developing and implementing a proper carpet care program.


Beat Winter Carpet Damage with CRYSTAL® Salt Remover

As Fall fades into Winter in most parts of the country, the housekeepers’ focus shifts from cleaning up tracked-in dirt to cleaning up tracked-in snow. Winter weather is particularly challenging because winter-weather hazards can result in costly slip-and-fall accidents. It’s possible to keep your e...

Must-Have Accessories and Chemistry for Winter Carpet Care

If you have already prepared your facility’s carpets for winter, it’s time to get your Whittaker Smart Care® System ready. With our efficient, cost-effective cleaning solutions and durable brushes and spotting accessories, you and your staff will be ready to handle all the ravages of snow, rain, and...

Carpet Care Tips to Prepare for Winter

Between snow, salt, rain and mud, winter is the season when carpets take a beating. In order to preserve your carpets during the colder months, there are several steps you can take to prepare your facility and your carpet cleaning staff.


Place Interior & Exterior Mats at All Entryways

The first...

Summer Carpet Care Tips

With June comes the official start of summer, and for many, a very busy cleaning season. Whether you’re an educational facility cleaning and preparing for a new school year or an office building that’s busy year round, we have some carpet care tips to keep in mind this season.


Watch Your Water U...

Spring Carpet Cleaning Is A Serious Business

During the winter months, we tend to hibernate indoors. The windows stay shut, and we count down the weeks of cold weather as we come and go, dragging the dirt, snow, and salt with us. If that weren’t enough, did you know that the human body sheds all of its dead skin cells in just four weeks’ time?...