Carpet Cleaning Machine Maintenance

By keeping the carpets in your facility in good condition you are helping to extend the life cycling of your flooring, reducing landfill waste, and improving your facility’s commitment to environmental sustainability. And of course, saving money as well by limiting the need for repairs, costly and time-consuming maintenance, and replacement.

All of this can be achieved by using low-moisture encapsulation machines to perform interim carpet maintenance. Low-moisture encapsulation machines are safe, efficient, and sustainable when properly cleaned, cared for, and maintained on a regular basis. As with any cleaning equipment, it is important to understand how to keep these machines in good working condition so that they are always ready for use.

Making Maintenance an Easy Task

Whether your facility has one carpet care machine or a whole fleet of them, it is important to have a maintenance plan in place. Maintaining your carpet cleaning machine does not have to be a major time investment. In fact, staff can complete these simple steps in less than ten minutes after cleaning is completed. When employees understand how easy it is to care for carpet care equipment, they will perform these tasks each and every time they operate the machine.

Consider the following recommendations for maintaining your carpet extractors:

1Use Your Equipment Regularly

While this might seem counterintuitive, regular use actually promotes proper maintenance if employees follow best practices with each use. This is because equipment that is left unused in a custodial closet is often not maintained properly. The last thing you want is an employee needing to perform carpet care and the machine is not in peak condition. Maintained machines are always ready for use, reducing downtime in your operation.

2Empty the Tank

After each cleaning, remove the solution tank and empty it. Rinse it out so it is clean for the next use.

3Clean Out the Collection Tray

Encapsulation cleaning removes soils and contaminants that vacuuming may have missed in the deeper fibers of the carpet. This dirt and debris accumulate in the machine’s collection tray. Operators should empty this tray after each cleaning to keep it from becoming too full and to ensure sure it is ready for the next cleaning.

4Flush the Spray Nozzle after Cleaning

If not adequately maintained, a carpet agitator’s spray nozzle can become clogged. A clogged spray nozzle means that either no solution is being sprayed onto the carpet or it is sprayed in an uneven pattern. Both negatively impact cleaning results. To prevent this, simply spray clean water through the pump and nozzle to keep it from clogging.

5Wipe Brush Axles

Keep brushes clean by removing the brushes and wiping the axles of the machine. Rotate the brushes after each use as well to extend their lifespan.

6Wipe and Wind the Power Cable

Keep the power cable clean and free of kinks by wiping it with a rag and winding it after the carpet cleaning is complete.

7Store Equipment in a Safe, Dry Space

Your equipment is an investment not only in your carpet but in your brand reputation. Keep it in a secure and accessible place that will not experience floods or falling debris.

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