Whittaker encouraged me to try Crystal Dry®. Each time it exceeded my expectations for speed, appearance, and lack of re-soiling.

It has allowed us to increase productivity on existing carpet contracts and to gain new business from customers who need to have a dry method of carpet cleaning.

I really appreciate your support! It is so nice to work with professional people and a professional company like yours.

Trent Marlow

Facility Manager, Sunny Isles Beach

I have been a longtime supporter of Whittaker’s products for over 25 years. Your products, customer service, and friendship with our company and customers are outstanding.

Paul Richards

Director of Field Technical Services, CM Hospitality Carpets

CSI International, Inc has been a customer of Whittaker for many years. Whittaker has always been so great with customer care. They are very responsive, helpful, and friendly.

Karam El Moudden

Production Manager, ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning by Alliance

All my technicians express how amazing Whittaker’s products are. We use them daily in our commercial and residential accounts.

Sanchia Stephens

Sr. Accountant & A/P Analyst, CSI International, Inc

Approximately 80% of customer complaints about carpet can be solved by properly using Whittaker’s low-moisture encapsulation system.

Cees van Gelder

Technical Sales Manager, Interface

The Whittaker 10-inch Smart Care® TRIO machine is ideal due to its smaller size and weight. It makes addressing carpet in smaller areas and maneuvering up and down stairs even easier.

Chris Stemczynski

Owner, Above All Organic Cleaning Services

When I reached out to Whittaker to troubleshoot my Smart Care® TWIN machine, I received a quick response and a helpful guide that made it easy to identify and solve the problem. I appreciate Whittaker’s fast and reliable customer service.

Hugo Colomba

Estates Manager, American Power and Gas

We’ve been using Whittaker machines and chemistry for six years and find that it does a better job of cleaning than anything else we’ve used. It’s always been a great system, and their team is responsive and knowledgeable.

Scott Ragland

Director of Operations, Holland Inc.

When I first joined the University of Maryland, we used a cumbersome machine for carpet maintenance. We switched to Whittaker and now have 14 machines across campus. I can honestly say it’s the best, most reliable machine in my arsenal.

Bob Pils

Assistant Director for Building Services, University of Maryland

We recently landed 22 retail locations and had to provide extraction service to all sites within 72 hours of signing the contracts. The customer was set on hot water extractions and would not budge.

We knew we would not be able to provide the service within the time, so we took a gamble and went into each location with Whittakers. The customer was amazed at the cleanliness of his carpet and was even more amazed when we showed him how it was done.

Had it not been for your product, we would not have been able to meet this deadline and possibly have lost the customers. It’s not every day that you come across a product that has become so much a part of your success. Whittaker has become that product.


A national janitorial services franchisee, Ohio

I own three Smart Care® machines from Whittaker and have found that they are much easier to transport in and out of commercial jobs and up and down stairs than other equipment on the market.

Chris Stemczynski

Owner, Above All Organic Cleaning Services

For the past 11 years, we’ve used Whittaker at over 200 Atria buildings across the nation. With Whittaker, I don’t feel like a number – I feel like a person. Their customer service – allowing us to sample new products and helping us provide proper training to our staff of over 260 people – has solidified us as a lifelong customer.

Hugh Guy

Regional Maintenance Director, Atria Senior Living

I didn’t believe your system could work as well as your ads claim. I am now a firm believer. Your system is fantastic! I’ve been in the carpet cleaning business for 25 years, and I have never used a carpet cleaning system as simple and effective as your product. I have 7 supervisors working under me, and they were initially skeptical, but not anymore. After completing a job, they just nod their heads and smile.

Bill E.

Whittaker’s chemical line is what sets them apart. They have chemicals for specific stains caused by grease, pet urine, red wine, and more. This allows us to tailor our cleaning efforts, which ultimately leads to a lot of positive feedback from our clients.

Rodolfo Arauco

District Manager, Select Commercial Services

I recently had a problem carpet cleaned by an outside company, and they used one of your machines. We had already cleaned the carpet with an extractor, and we just couldn’t get the tracking area clean. I called the carpet company, and they suggested trying the Whittaker. I was blown away by the way the Whittaker cleaned that carpet.

School Supervisor

A school custodial supervisor

CRYSTAL DRY® is one of the few products that do not induce coughing and/or wheezing when I’m using it. Also, the clients appreciate that there are no noxious odors associated with the product.

CRYSTAL DRY® is unbelievable when added to the CRYSTAL DRY® solution! We need more shipped today!

The bottom line is that the combination of the effectiveness of the Whittaker products and the professionalism of the staff continues to contribute significantly to our success and continued growth.

Other companies are attempting to offer what Whittaker is capable of delivering. However, from our perspective, Whittaker is the best, and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

We will save you the time of shopping any of the competitors. We’ve already done all the homework, all the necessary research, and wouldn’t dream of considering anyone else.

Jeffrey H.

Director of Business Development Florida

I have tested this product in a facility where the soiling conditions are extreme. This carpet must be truck-mounted to keep even with the soiling.

In the past, there has never been any improvement and within two weeks the soiling was back to the beginning again. I inspected this facility this morning, and I am entirely convinced that we will be using this product all the time!

I have never seen a dry extraction method that could keep up with the type of soiling conditions at this facility! I am extremely impressed.

Whittaker’s 15-inch Smart Care® TRIO is the easiest carpet cleaning machine I’ve ever used. I use it regularly when cleaning hallways and larger areas. It does the work quickly and effectively I love this machine!

Chris Stemczynski

Owner, Above All Organic Cleaning Services

After installing carpet in our library, we immediately got in touch with Whittaker, as they were the top recommendation for carpet care. Since then, we’ve installed more carpet throughout the campus and regularly use and repurchase Whittaker machines and products to maintain carpet cleanliness.

David Lake

Assistant Director for Facility Services, Salisbury University

I’ve been using Crystal Dry® for about two years, and it still amazes me. So many customers tell us it’s the best carpet cleaning they ever had.

Rich S.

We just wanted you to know how delighted we are with the amazing [Smart Care® System] as well as the fantastic CRYSTAL DRY®. We had been a traditional multi-truck HWE operation, and our whole world has changed since we added the [Smart Care® System] and CRYSTAL DRY® to our arsenal of carpet cleaning equipment.

It exceeded our expectations in every respect. We transformed the whole place from derelict to the ultimate delight of the customer.

It was fast and quiet, and the results were just fantastic. Our profit on all jobs with the [Smart Care® System] has outpaced our profit using HWE equipment – even though we were able to undercut all our competition.

Kind of fun to use compared to HWE wand. Much easier on my back.

I highly endorse and recommend this machine. It is effortless to operate and is borderline fun. For the price and convenience, this one will be next to impossible to beat.

Keenan T.


That [Smart Care®] machine is a gem! Every school should have one. I have never seen a better rug machine. I spent 20 years in the hardware business and rented rug equipment, and nothing worked like your machine.

Pete C.

Maintenance Supervisor Pennsylvania

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