J+J Flooring Group Enhances Customer Satisfaction And Cost Savings With Whittaker Carpet Care Machines And Chemistry


J+J Flooring Group was established in 1957 and is a leading manufacturer of commercial specified flooring for corporate workspaces, education environments, healthcare facilities, retail stores, transportation and hospitality applications. In 2013, J+J introduced Kinetex®, an advanced textile composite flooring that combines key attributes of soft-surface floor covering with the long-wearing performance characteristics of hard-surface flooring.

Although Kinetex® textile composite flooring resists the most challenging staining agents, J+J aims to provide its customers with the necessary products and equipment to maintain the appearance of carpet and extend its life.

“To ensure J+J’s flooring products remain clean and looking brand new, our goal is to offer customers a comprehensive maintenance system,” said Ed Shelton, Director, Customer Relations, J+J Flooring Group.


J+J has partnered with Whittaker, the leader in low moisture encapsulation cleaning, to offer a unique added-value package for the Kinetex® Modular Flooring program. Whittaker sources its equipment and chemistry to J+J for in-house training and customer demonstrations.

“We often find that facilities are incorrectly performing soft surface flooring maintenance, or that there is not a proper maintenance budget or dedicated plan in place,” said Shelton. “We approach these challenges by providing customers with an effective program, which includes proper frequency, high-efficiency equipment and proper chemistry, with the goal of offering the best overall practices to suit their specific maintenance requirements.”

The Whittaker TWIN and/or TRIO machines are currently in service involving some of J+J’s top customers for proper maintenance of their Kinetex® and carpeting. J+J has found that Whittaker’s system offers a safer, more productive and cost-effective option for soft surface maintenance requirements. Whittaker’s TWIN machine provides an economical, lightweight and versatile encapsulation system option. The TRIO is the first in the industry with three counter-rotating brushes for maximum mechanical action. The TRIO also includes an integrated collection hopper for debris pick-up, landing gear to help protect brushes when not in use, a low fatigue machine-mounted solution tank and lite-touch control for easy operation.

“Whittaker provides J+J with collateral covering maintenance and equipment use. During on-site demonstrations, we unveil Whittaker’s machines and chemistry for an up-close and personal experience,” said Shelton. “These demonstrations assist our sales team in promoting Kinetex® Modular Flooring and Whittaker products by highlighting Kinetex’s® stain resistant feature and just how well the Whittaker system performs – even on stains that set days earlier.”


J+J quickly embraced Whittaker’s cleaning equipment and chemistry, and the company has realized the following benefits as a result of the relationship:

  • Satisfied customers. Whittaker’s friendly customer service, along with its reliable, easy-to-use machines and chemistry, result in positive feedback from J+J’s customers. With regular use of the machines, J+J’s customers can protect their soft surface flooring investments while reducing long term maintenance-related costs over the long term.
  • A stronger bottom line. By offering the Whittaker system along with the purchase of Kinetex® Modular Flooring, J+J customers recognize the added value of their purchase, resulting in increased sales. Whittaker’s chemistry uses unique crystallizing polymers which greatly improves the outcome for J+J’s customers and assists with avoiding further contamination and therefore re-soiling. Properly maintained flooring also helps J+J avoid costly warranty claims after installation.
  • Enhanced productivity. Because well informed customers are properly caring for their soft surface flooring products, J+J receives fewer calls regarding appearance-related issues and can be assured that flooring will not need to be prematurely replaced.  

“The partnership we’ve created with Whittaker allows us to provide our customers with excellent flooring products that include the customer service, tools and knowledge they need to properly maintain and care for our soft surface flooring products for years to come,” said Shelton. “We consider Whittaker a true partner and we’re confident in recommending their products to our customers because we know they’ll receive top-notch service.”

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