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Preserve Your Facility’s Assets with Common Sense Carpet Care℠
Preserve Your Facility’s Assets with Common Sense Carpet Care℠

Carpet is an important part of any facility’s interior design, affecting the look and feel of the space as well as occupant wellness and comfort. It can be a challenge for both facility managers and building service contractors to develop safe, sustainable carpet cleaning programs at a profit. This ...

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Why Choose Encapsulation Technology

Whether you manage one facility or are responsible for cleaning carpets in multiple buildings with very heavy traffic, some cleaning processes and chemicals can be harsh on carpet fibers and require long down times to dry. Whittaker’s encapsulation technology is an ideal solution for even your most ...

Carpet Care Tips to Prepare for Winter

Between snow, salt, rain and mud, winter is the season when carpets take a beating. In order to preserve your carpets during the colder months, there are several steps you can take to prepare your facility and your carpet cleaning staff.


Place Interior & Exterior Mats at All Entryways

The first...

Top 3 Benefits of Encapsulation Cleaning

With a deeper clean than vacuuming alone and less disruption than hot water extraction, encapsulation carpet cleaning can be a valuable part of any carpet maintenance plan. If you or your clients are unsure about introducing encapsulation into your cleaning rotation, this blog post will explain exac...

Summer Carpet Care Tips

With June comes the official start of summer, and for many, a very busy cleaning season. Whether you’re an educational facility cleaning and preparing for a new school year or an office building that’s busy year round, we have some carpet care tips to keep in mind this season.


Watch Your Water U...

Encapsulation Cleaning for Food & Drink Stains

Carpets in every facility are bound to experience spills, but food and drink stains in carpeted areas of cafeterias, offices, restaurants, and other food service areas can be especially hard to remove. 

The first line of defense against stains is to treat food and drink spots quickly, so they are l...